Intro to art portfolio 2016-2017

I took intro to art because I enjoy drawing. I was expecting to learn how to draw realistically

The first drawing strategy that we learned was edges and contours

The second strategy that we learned was space, positive and negative.

The third strategy we learned was propotions

The last strategy that we learned was lights and shadows

This picture has chiaroscuro in it. Chiaroscuro is a self portrait that only has one source of light directly hitting the face.

My drawing skills have improved greatly over the course of the semester. Comparing the pieces from the beginning of the year till now I can see much improvement has taken place.

My drawing skill here has improved very much also. I believe that the porotions are what was improved upon the most.

I wish I was able to redo the crosshatching project because I made the background to light. I would change where I was sitting at so that I could have better lighting.

The area where I have seen the most improvements would have to be porortions and technical skills. My porotions have improved the most because I would make things to small or too large and now they are the right size. My technical skills have improved also you can tell by comparing the hand drawing, the still life, and the self portrait.

The project that I learned the most from in second semester is the chalk pastels still life. I learned more about lights and shadows. I also learned more about colors and proportion.

I learned about color theory especially times and how to keep intensity. In my tempera project I mastered how to do painterly brush strokes. The one part that I wasn't able to do very well was the paint on the bone.

The areas that I improved most on were technical and design skill. Before I couldn't control the charcoal very well but I was able to handle the chalk pastel. I was also able to use my space better.

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Aiyana Aguilar

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