Indus River It's Indus World

Where is it

It is located in the Indus River vally east of the thar desert in india.
This is a view of the river.

Why to live there

the water is clean, clear, and good for drinking. The river starts in the Himalayan mountains and carries silt to the plains which leaves the land fertile and is good for farming and growing crops. Also there are games and toys to play during your free time.

Why to live there continued

There is a good sewer system so your house doesn't smell bad and so that you don't have to go to the restroom somewhere else. Also there is a bath that you can cool off in after work or in your free time. It is also used for religious rituals. Finally the last reason that you should live there is that there is lots of fish so you can have lots of food.
Lots of fish
Information By Nathaniel


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