Alayna's Bucket List

#1 Walk on the beach in Hawaii!!! And eat their shaved ice. And just relax and enjoy the view.
The next thing I would do is meet Kylie Jenner. I would meet Kylie because I would want her to do my makeup.
#3 is I want to swim with the dolphins all around the ocean. I want to do that because it looks fun.
#4 is I want to meet Selena Gomez because she inspirational and shes a beautiful person.
#5 is I would want a big beach house on Hawaii Or Pismo I would want it very big. I want that because I've always wanted a big house on the beach.
#6 I wanna A week where I do nothing but stay in bed all day and eat.
#7 I want to go to Disney Land. I want to go with my family and have fun and go on rides and eat.
#8 I want to go to Paris because I want to see the Eiffel Tower.
#9 I want a valley ring for softball. I want one because I've wanted one since I was little.
#10 I want to go to New York for New Years Eve. I want to go because it looks so cool.
Stand under the Hollywood sign. Because It looks really cool.
#12 Have a perfect wedding
#13 I want to go Zip Lining because it looks really fun.
#14 Sleep on the beach.
#15 Go rock climbing


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