Interview with Nelle Harper Lee By: Sommer Abrahim and Jacob Esenbock

Where and when were you born and what was your childhood like.

I was born April 28, 1926. I was born in Monroeville Alabama. When I was young my mom was very ill. She rarely left the house because she was very ill. The doctors believed that she had suffered from a mental illness called bipolar disorder. I wasn't like all the other girls in my school. I called myself a tomboy. Most of the girls just cared about fashion. I didn't care at all. So that is my childhood.

When you were young was your dream to be a writer?

No to be honest I started having an interest in literature when I was in high school. After I graduated I went to an all female college in Montgomery. I had stood apart from other children because I really cared about my studies and writings. Most of the other cared about fashion and sports. I couldn't have cared less. So that is when I started wanting to become an author.

What were your college experiences?

Well I had a lot of different experiences in college. I went to the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. I was mostly known as a loner in my school. I attempted to have a social life. I had joined a sorority for a while. I contributed in the school's newspaper and its humor magazine, rammer jammer. After that I eventually became the publication's editor. So those were some of my college experiences.

Why did you leave law school?

After my first year I saw that this is not what I wanted. I missed editing the rammer jammer. I also wanted to write more. So I transferred to Oxford University that summer. The next semester I quit law school and moved north to pursue my dream of writing.

How did you spend your time in New York?

Well when I went to new York I worked as a ticket agent for eastern airlines. I was only 23 years old at the time. While I was in the city I was reunited with an old friend, capote. He was one of the literary rising stars at the time. I also became friends with Michael Martin brown.

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