Washington Wetland Centre

We had a fantastic trip on Monday visiting Washington Wetland Centre. We went on a trail looking for signs of winter and on the way we saw lots of birds and even some otters

The trail we were on contained 10 hidden robins. The children found 1 hiding in a tree. Well done only 9 more to go.

The children enjoyed watching the ducks swimming in the pond and noticed their webbed feet.

The sun was shining for us and the views were lovely.

We saw a black swan with a red bill and beautiful feathers. It was so friendly and came over to us to say hello.

We spotted some very unusual looking ducks that were white, black and grey.

Cath our guide talked to us about what some birds like to eat and she gave us all some food to feed them.

Here they come!

They definitely enjoyed their lunch.

Can you spot the flamingos. If you look closely you can see them in the bushes standing on one leg.

Cath told us some interesting information about flamingos...

And showed us the actual size of a flamingo egg.

Does that webbed foot belong to a duck?!

Feeding time for the otters.

We found out that otters like to eat fish and their favourite type is trout.

Buster the otter seemed very interested in the children and came for a closer look.

Last but not least we ended the day by making Christmas wands by threading leaves onto sticks.

It was such a lovely day and the children were amazing.