Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School Bulletin (Vol. 21) (Issue No. 2) Nov. 13, 2018

Calendar Reminders

Nov. 13 - Norman's Uniforms will be here today in the lunch area.- 2:30-5:30 pm.

Nov. 15- Thanksgiving Liturgy, 8:30 am-Schoolwide Donation Drive for Galilee Center-Bring items in the morning before liturgy. First Trimester ends.

Nov. 17- Mother/Son Dance, 6:00-9:00 pm in the parish center, sponsored by OLPH Parent Board

Nov. 19-20- Minimum Day, 12 Noon Dismissal, Report Card Conferences

Nov. 21-23- No School, Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov. 26- School Board Meeting, 6:15 pm

Nov. 27- First Trimester Awards Assembly, 1:30 pm in the church

Dec. 2- First Sunday of Advent

Dec. 3- Blessing of Classroom Advent Wreaths 8:15 am

Dec. 4-7- Scholastic Book Fair

Congratulations to the following students who were chosen Student of the Month for October! A Life Long Learner, one of our Schoolwide Learning Expectations, was the criteria. OLPH School is very proud of these students. Keep up the great work and continue to be Life Long Learners!

Kindergarten- Ethan Phan, Monica Pinedo

First Grade- Thomas Fair, Arabella Cordero

Second Grade- Isabelle Fair, Noel Ortiz

Third Grade- Rebekah Fierro

Fourth Grade- Juan De La Torre

Fifth Grade- Emma Aguilar, Daniela Castro

Sixth Grade- Vianca Terriquez

Seventh Grade- Nevaeh Robles

Eighth Grade- Ivan Sanchez

Computer Studies- Vanessa Castro, Iztabella Angulo, Luke Meraz

Physical Education- Andrew Davila, Brissa Barrera, Ethan Aguilar, Teagan Steiger

Fall Festival

Thank you to all our school families who worked so hard to help make our Fall Festival successful! We will be having a follow up meeting this Thursday at 5:30 pm in the computer lab. Information on how much your booth made as well as input on the event will be shared. All are welcome to attend this meeting. We do know that we made over $20,000 in profit! Thank you again to all our chairpersons of every booth, our parents/volunteers who worked in every booth, and our Fall Festival Chairpersons of this event, Scott Sear and Sarah Romero!

Congratulations again to our Cash Drawing Winner of $1,000..Mr. Heraclio Montanez!


OLPH is always looking for ways to ensure the security and welfare of our students and staff. One way we can do this is by providing lanyards to all our students. This is encouraged by the Indio Police Department. Lanyards with photo identification will be passed out in the morning beginning on Monday November 19 and collected by the end of the day by the teachers. If for some reason your child loses or damages the lanyard, replacements will be given in the office for a fee of $5.00 which will be added to your family account.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding that we have your child's interest at heart.

Thanksgiving Drive
2019 Ford Mustang

It's not too late to turn in your drawing tickets for a chance to win a 2019 Ford Mustang. The drawing will take place on December 6 at PGA West at the Bishop's Golf Classic. If you haven't turned in your ticket stubs and money, please do so as soon as possible. Remember, this is a mandated fundraiser. Families are to sell or purchase 12 tickets. Thank you to all our families who turned in their ticket stubs and money. Good luck everyone!

Mother/Son Dance

This Saturday November 17 is our first annual OLPH Mother/Son Dance, sponsored by the Parent Board. This is a special night for all OLPH boys to celebrate and enrich the bond with their mother or female/male role model in their lives. Dinner, dancing, games and dessert will be provided for a fabulous evening.

Thank you to our committee-Mrs. Daniela Saenz, Mrs. Gretchen Diaz, Mrs. Nydia Santos, Mrs. Tricia Hoyle, Ms. Angela Alcazar, Mr. Justin Berzon, and Mrs. Valerie Bowman for organizing and preparing for this wonderful event!

Earthquake/Evacuation Kit

If you have been thinking about putting together an earthquake/evacuation kit, but don't know where to start, here are a few tips.

*Putting together a list is quite simple-You can go to the American Red Cross website or QuakeKare.com for survival kits.

*Once you order your supplies, they can be placed in a duffle bag with sweaters, copies of important documents, and cash if you can spare some.

*If you are in an area that will potentially be effected by fires or possible evacuation due to an earthquake, prepare in advance. Get out early; do not wait to be told to leave. Emergency personnel cannot get to everyone on time.

*Your car: Fill your gas tank. If your car has "some" gas in it, still go to the gas station and fill it up. In a sudden mass evacuation you could be sitting in a lot of traffic for a long time. Don't be the person who a bunch of panicked people are honking at when your car runs out of gas.

Sometimes it is even better to park your car in the street or driveway, especially if there are high winds. If there is a power outage due to high winds, your garage door will not open. If you park in a driveway, park your car facing the street not facing your house. Your engine needs oxygen to start.

*Cash: Make sure you have mixed denominations- a good mix of $5 and $1's. If electricity goes out, people are only going to take cash and won't make change for $20 bills.

*Collect Evidence for Insurance: Take photos or videos of the inside of your house, closets, drawers, garage, car, etc. Bring proof of residency in case you need to file a claim with FEMA.

*Prep your Home: Lock all doors and windows. Remove drapes and move any furniture items away from exterior windows. Move outdoor furniture away from the house/inside garage. Any waterproof valuables you can't take with you can be left in the pool if you have one (ie. Grandma's china).

*Pack an Emergency Bag: (with wheels if possible) containing: Your ID/Passport, Important documents/copy of your insurance policy, extra set of keys, medication for a week, flashlight/headlamp & extra batteries, change of clothes- a few, close-toed shoes and socks, extra underwear, jacket, face mask, pillow and blanket, phone charger/battery pack, jewelry & valuables, computer back up drive, laptop and chargers

*Prep for your Pets: Have a towel already in the carrier, Ziplock bag of dry food in the carrier, Cup in Ziplock bag for water, Harness/Leash clipped to carrier.

*Go Bag: Keep a Go Bag in your car with essentials like water, hiking boots, jackets, flashlight and face mask. Just in case you need to walk home.

*Other Essentials: Plenty of water and non perishable foods-dehydrated-rope, fire starter, etc.

It is important to be ready in case a disaster should occur. With the recent fires in California, many families were not ready for evacuation or survival tips. Make a commitment to take care of your family. Let's keep all those who have suffered a loss due to the fires in your prayers. Pray for all our firefighters and responders as well.

Report Card Conferences

Report Card Conference Appointments were sent home with the oldest child. Please mark your scheduled time on your planner so you can attend this important conference.

Keep in mind that report cards are only given at conferences the first trimester. Report Cards will not be given to your child. Your child may also attend the conference. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact Mrs. Arias at darias@olphindio.net.

Scholastic Book Fair

Mark your calendar for Tuesday December 4 -Friday December 7. Scholastic Book Fair will be here with a variety of books to choose from for your child's reading pleasure. Flyers for the fair will be going home the week after Thanksgiving.


*Begin your morning with prayer.

*Read everyday to your child.

*Make quality time for your children and family.

*Take the time to communicate often with your child's teacher.

*Be courteous in the parking lot. Follow the guidelines of the Bliss Ave parking lot and the Staff parking lot. Be patient and observant of others.

*Remind your child to dress in correct uniform.

*Take time with your family to read the readings and reflect on the scripture in the guide Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families.

*Electronic devices such as cell phones and smart watches are not allowed in school. If there is a need to have such as device as this for your child, please have your child bring to the office before school and he/she can pick it up after school.

* Next Tuesday and Wednesday are minimum days due to Report Card Conferences. Extended care is available.

*Thanksgiving holiday begins Wednesday November 21. Our Lady of Perpetual Help School and Preschool wishes you a blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

"The first step to knowing Jesus Christ is to recognize our own poverty and our need to be saved."- Pope Francis

Catholic Calendar
St. Elizabeth of Hungry

(1207-1231) November 17

In her short life, Elizabeth manifested such great love for the poor and suffering that she has become the patroness of Catholic charities and of the Secular Franciscan Order. The daughter of the King of Hungary, Elizabeth chose a life of penance and asceticism when a life of leisure and luxury could easily have been hers. This choice endeared her in the hearts of the common people throughout Europe.

At the age of 14 Elizabeth was married to Louis of Thuringia (a German principality), whom she deeply loved; she bore three children. Under the spiritual direction of a Franciscan friar, she led a life of prayer, sacrifice and service to the poor and sick. Seeking to become one with the poor, she wore simple clothing. Daily she would take bread to hundreds of the poorest in the land, who came to her gate.

After six years of marriage, her husband died in the Crusades, and she was grief-stricken. Her husband's family looked upon her as squandering the royal purse, and mistreated her, finally throwing out of the palace. The return of her husband's allies from the Crusades resulted in her being reinstated, since her son was legal heir to the throne.

In 1228, Elizabeth joined the Secular Franciscan Order, spending the remaining few years of her life caring for the poor in a hospital which she founded in honor of St. Francis. Elizabeth's health declined, and she died before her 24th birthday in 1231. Her great popularity resulted in her canonization four years later. ---from americancatholic.org

What is your Catholic IQ?
Last Question

The rosary is usually associated with

b. St. Dominic and the Dominicans

New Question

On Sunday, the Lord's Day, all Catholics are supposed to

a. go to Mass

b. rest from unnecessary work

c. visit the sick

d. all of these

See answer in next bulletin!

Prayer Corner

Please pray for:

*Pope Francis

*Most Reverend Bishop Gerald Barnes

*Father Alex, Father Edwin and all religious clergy

*OLPH Parish and School Families

*For the victims and families of the Thousand Oaks tragedy

*For the victims and families of California fires

*For all firefighters, responders, and all who are assisting during this time of need.

*For violence and injustice

*For peace among nations

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School pray for us and bless our school
Created By
Diane Arias

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