The Fishing boat. Alfred todman

Once upon a time there was a small village on the shore of a island in the sea . There lived a fleet of fishermen that had boats and fishing rods .

one stormy day a hurricane destroyed most the village and all but one of there big rusty fishing boats , they had nothing it was gone the elders decided to take the last boat and hope they would reach the main land . There was really big problems with however , it did not have enough room for every one , and the owner was not a nice guy he was some old drunk called Gunter.

Gunter was only seen before delivering fish to the farmers and the local stores .Other times he was seen he was drunk getting into bar fights and other times working on his boat's engine to make it faster

They took there most respectable man in the village to convince him to take them to safety across the sea to the main land. They found him entering his ship with the last of the creates that contained his food and water supply , he was preparing to leave


Created with images by Harold Litwiler, Poppy Big Oak Photography - "Rough seas, Shell Beach California" • cocoparisienne - "seagull bird animal" • j_arred - "Lightning" • Rennett Stowe - "Old Fishing Trawler"

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