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I asked the question "what does animal treatment show about the legacy of Hinduism, and how has it changed?" To answer this question I say that animal treatment shows that Hinduism’s values live on, but that it is open to change with time such as with old traditions in the world, as explained in later paragraphs, when they become outdated.

I found that animal rights have carried on the legacy of Hinduism in the sense that animals are treated as holy, but also that old ideas such as animal sacrifice and slaughter from years ago have been changed. According to some Kashmiris, Indians may be treating animals with more respect than some humans, meaning the Kashmiris (Khawaji, 1). After the partition between India and Kashmir, Pakistan claimed Kashmir as its own territory. Later, Kashmir was given the right to govern itself, but not full freedom (Arif, 1). Although some Kashmiris, and possibly others who are not on good terms with India believe this, India’s treatment of animals is still vital and something that should be commended and not thought of negatively. From what I have found in my research, I can conclude the following:

Killing or harming animals is not taken lightly in India.

People in India are not allowed to abandon animals, and are expected to care for them.

Animals shall not be killed outside of slaughterhouses.

Animals aren't to be neglected and are to be treated with care.

Animals that have been domesticated can't be placed back into the wild.

Wild animals are not allowed to live in captivity.

Animal sacrifice is prohibited throughout India.

Animal fighting is illegal.

Cosmetics cannot be tested on animals.

Even making an animal uncomfortable at a zoo is a punishable offense.

Causing any harm to animals is a punishable offense.

Tampering with a newborn animal's well being is a punishable offense.

Animals must be comfortable when carried in their cages (Humane Society International, 1).

The list goes on, and most of these are punishable offenses if disregarded.

All of the animal rights I have show Americans that Hinduism is a religion of love and positivity, and that they have their mind set on issues that matter. I'd like to know if India's treatment of animals gets in the way of them seeing clearly at times, and if their love of animals can get in the way of seeing if one is dangerous, or even if animals distract them from showing care to something more serious like I read in one of my articles about Kahsmir.

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