august 2019

Volume 4, Number 5

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes―Abraham Lincoln

this just in...

Jeffry Booher

A few weeks ago, I created a group on Facebook exclusively for the Members of Darkroomers Photographic Club. Over the years I have used Facebook to build a community and promote our brand with the use of a Facebook Page. While our official brand page has been highly successful, it does not afford us the opportunity to send messages to each other, promote our own work, share our thoughts and broadcast information about the club. Nor will it allow us to control who can see what information. A group will let us do all of those things so I created the group. I urge you all to join.

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I have posted a survey to our Facebook group about whether or not you are planning to attend our Central Coast trip. So far the response has been underwhelming. I wonder if that is primarily due to the lack of participation in the group or are that many of you really not that interested in going? If there is something that we can do to make the trip better then please post a comment to the survey. If you plan or do not plan to go on the trip, then it would help us to know. Make your voice heard.

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on the road again

Drema Swader

Most of the time, this column is reserved for me to talk about how great I am but our August Exhibition will mark Drema's last visit to the Darkroom so I wanted to reserve a few column inches to talk about how great Drema is.

In short order, Drema has accomplished more photographic achievements than anyone I know. She has become Darkroomers flagship photographer―winning numerous awards in Interclub, Darkroomers, Poly Photo and at the San Diego County Fair. She has served as Darkroomers Treasurer and, most recently, President of the club. She has also served as the club's Interclub Director so she has served the club well.

Drema has mentored a few folks to become better photographers and she critiqued the work of most of us. I know the quality of the work the club produces is going to suffer without her―as will our interclub entries. But, most of all I know the club is going to miss having Drema around―I know I will. I also know that Drema will continue to improve her photography and I know she will travel to the edge of the earth looking for The Shot. I wish her well as she moves to the next level. Goodspeed, Drema!

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dark continent

Darkroomers is heading up to the Central Coast area (SLO, Pismo, and beyond...). The trip is being planned by Jeff and Angela for October 17-20 for 4 action packed days and every day will be brimming with fun and exciting things. The trip will feature Lighthouses, Wineries, Piers, Tidepools, Rock Formations, and really good food. Really good food... If you have been On Location with Darkroomers in the past, you are well aware that we generally go places where food is an afterthought by the people who build the towns we visit. This trip, however, will feature some five star eateries (well, 2 stars at a minimum) and, good news, there are no Denny's anywhere near the circuit. No offense to anyone who likes Denny's...

The planning committee is looking for a nose-count because one of the excursions will require that we pay per member and that cost will come from our club sponsorship revenue so it will cost you nothing but you must be a member in order to attend. This is a good reason to become a member...

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lights, camera, action...

Roy Ang

The month of August kicks off our Action and Adventure series for Darkroomers starting with a killer presentation by local Sports Photographer, Roy Ang. Roy shoots with a lot of interesting gear so be ready take notes and be schooled on some of the latest and greatest gear for Action Photography plus he has some cool stuff to give away...

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dog on it

Crazee Eyes by Jeff Booher

Team Crazee will be back in town on August 10th at 8am in Imperial Beach. This is probably the most fun you will have during the Dog Daze of Summer. Tanya will be hosting Darkroomers on Location at this fun-filled event and she hopes to see you all out Getting the Shot!

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City Street Scenes

Congratulations to our big winners of the Night: Lisa Miller and Terri Thompson. Lisa took home the top prize in both the Color and Monochrome divisions of the competition but, it is a marathon--not a sprint, and, as such, Terri squeaked by everyone, points-wise, in both divisions so it's Terri at the top of the list...

You get points just for entering...

Check out the winning entries and see who's-who and what's what on our website.

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Don't touch that dial

Our friends over at the Nainsook Gallery want to take your Urban Street Scenes photographs and add them to their upcoming show entitled, Urban Street Scenes. The show will run from October 3 – November 6th.

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Window to the sole

Rapunzel by Jeff Booher

We canceled the July 3rd meeting because we had 5 Wednesdays in July but that means our next competition will be coming in a big hurry as we have a compressed schedule for the second-half of the year.

The theme for our next Quarterly Competition is Windows and takes place on Wednesday, October 2nd at 7P. The club has planned a walk through Downtown, Little Italy and the Embarcadero on Saturday, August 17th to find some interesting Windows to photograph. Tanya will be talking about it at the August 14th meeting so you will want to come hear all the details.

Windows are all around us...

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interclub update

Tranquility by Angie Crompton

Darkroomers went from 1st place back down to 3rd but it is still a tight race so the club needs you to bring in your extra special winning images for August. Be sure to submit your photos to Terri for entry into the competition.

Visit our website to see the winning images and checkout the scores...

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scacc news

Thanks to everyone who came out in support of Darkroomers at the July SCACC meeting. Your support was heard and the issue of appropriating the galleries to all the clubs has been quashed. Thanks to you, we will enjoy at least another year of exclusive use of the gallery so we need to keep in mind that our impact on the building and the public needs to be sponsored by the loudest voice in the room!

● ● ●

SCACC has painted the foyer with a new coat of nice bright white paint. The goal is to make the building look more like an art gallery with bright white walls so out with that dingy, off-white musty old paint and in with the new... Thanks to Ralph Vasquez and Murray Judy from Darkroomers, plus a few people from Poly Photo who came and worked to make it happen. The rest of the building will be painted in the coming months and the club will be looking for volunteers.

● ● ●

Congratulations to Murray Judy who was sworn in and took the oath of office of Vice President of Building Management at the last SCACC meeting. Murray is now a voting board member of the Southern California Association of Camera Clubs so he may be twisting some arms to get stuff done. Murray's know-how and dedication will help Darkroomers and the building become a state of art space and the club could not be more thrilled to have him at the helm!

● ● ●

The SCACC subcommittee on Marketing and Building improvement canceled its August meeting on Tuesday, August 6th at 6:30PM. We will let you know when it will be held.

● ● ●

SCACC will be honoring those who won a ribbon or mention at the San Diego Fair during the month of August. Come celebrate with your clubmates on their outstanding achievements this month by showing your support.

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Dana Levine

Our Judge for August is Dana Levine. Dana studied art history and spent her professional career as a scientist and educator.

Dana exhibits her work in the San Diego area including the San Diego Museum of Art, Museum of Photographic Arts, Athenaeum Music and Art Library, She was Artist in the Garden during the Secret Garden Tour sponsored by the La Jolla Historical Society.

An artistic genius who "breaks the mold" presents the world with a revolutionary visual concept. Each one shows us a new facet of nature or the human condition in paint, stone or other medium.

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