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It’s simply beautiful here. All of us love the attractive charm and artistry of Palm Coast’s landscape. It’s the grand trees that line our roads, our parks and and conservation areas and our trails that give us all a place of pride.

Know that behind the mowers and shovels out in the fields, it’s our Public Works landscape staff who are making Palm Coast shine. These men and women you see trimming, pruning, cleaning, mowing, edging, spraying, weeding and planting keep Palm Coast visually gleaming. They are responsible for maintenance at City facilities, trails and parks, for truck and equipment repairs and safety inspections. If you are proud of the way your City looks, chances are it is thanks to Public Works.

“Palm Coast citizens pride themselves on living in an attractive community,” Rodney R. tells us. “Therefore we work very hard to mitigate any eyesores and stay on top of all the landscaping.” Humberto A. and Patrick A. add that people compliment the job they do all the time. “Residents need to know that we love Palm Coast, too, so we will continue to keep doing a great job for everyone.”

Landscape staff is also well aware of the impact their work has on our City’s economy. Sports tournaments bring thousands of people to Palm Coast to play at our facilities. Public Works ensures our properties are beautifully prepared, staying safe and clean so our guests will spread the good word to others and return here themselves.

“When families come here to use our Sports Complex, they trust that their kids will be safe in Palm Coast,” says Dennis R. “We want them to know that each of their potential little sports superstars should always feel comfortable playing in Palm Coast.”

Where are the crew’s favorite places to work? Holland Park received the most votes, followed closely by Town Center and the Graham Swamp Trail. Francisco D. feels these are the most beautiful and fun places for families to enjoy together and he appreciates the opportunity to practice his skills at these landmarks.

Most all of us agree that Palm Coast is an environmentally beautiful place to live. Behind the scenes, it’s our Public Works landscaping crews who support this state of mind, keeping us green and growing. Together, we are all rooted in nature.

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