Superintendent Update April 2019

Our Work Continues

Innovation Day Success!
Tharrington Primary School students enjoyed Innovation Day through music, coding, meeting and learning from community service members, problem-solving, teamwork and much more! Check out the great things happening at #theBHT on Twitter!
Jones Intermediate School students spent Innovation Day diving into their interests of robotics, augmented reality, detective work, service dogs, healthy activities, and more! Check out more of what is happening by following #JOleaders on Twitter
Mount Airy Middle School's Innovation Day included sessions on kindness, nutrition, making healthy choices, music therapy, and more! Want to learn more about MAMS? Follow #MAMSlife on Twitter for a sneak peek of the awesomeness.
Mount Airy High School students had a gym full of opportunities on Innovation Day! Students were able to meet with local businesses and community groups. Students interacted with these professionals, learned more about potential internships, and even met graduates who were leading others! Follow #MAHSbearpride on Twitter to learn more!
Relationships Are Essential for Learning

We are grateful that our staff works to build positive relationships and learning experiences with students.

Mount Airy Middle School teacher Karen Beasley spent time with some of our youngest students recently as they explored during Innovation Day. Catch more sneak peeks of the greatness happening in our district by following @WillardPenny
Jones Intermediate School teacher Kaitlin Beane works alongside students in our FLA afterschool program. Catch what she's doing on Twitter @beane_kaitlin
Mount Airy Middle School students recently competed in the National History Day competition at SCC. Staff sponsor Beth Lowry worked with the group to prepare. See what other academic and athletic competitions are available at MAMS by following @SikesOlivia on Twitter!
Mount Airy High School math teacher Courtney Howlett knows that students have been longing for warmer days. She didn't hesitate to fulfill their request for an outside class. Check her out on Twitter @howlett0605
Mount Airy High School's Fine Arts teacher Gena Ray creates fun competitions within her classes that build strong relationships and memories. Follow her on Twitter @genaray61
Special Olympics

Surry County held its Special Olympics recently and each school held morning parades to cheer athletes on as they loaded buses. The encouragement was loud and students enjoyed the support of peers and staff. Great work!

Follow @cookiea5 for more great news happening at Jones.
Check out all the greatness happening at MAHS by following @AbbyGallimore1 on Twitter!
Service Learning

Don't forget to record your service hours! Submit them to your school's contact.

Latin Fiesta!
Join us for this FREE and fabulous event!

Join Mount Airy City Schools as we hold our first ever Latin Fiesta! This fiesta will celebrate the culture that the Latin community has brought to our area. Students will enjoy music, art, dancing, food, and more! This event is FREE and we encourage everyone to come and celebrate with us.

Sneak a Peek at the Awesomeness Happening by Checking our Hashtags out on Twitter and Facebook!
School hashtags
District hashtag
Construction Day has been scheduled!

Students can look forward to May 10th at Veterans Memorial Park. Middle and high school students will be able to attend to learn more about the great jobs that have created this country and they are waiting for them when they graduate.

FREE, Academic Summer Camp Offerings
It may be a short summer, but we aren't short on summer offerings!
Athletic Camp Offerings
Check out these great camps being offered by our coaches!
Camp Invention Returns
Summer Checkout Available!

Legislative Update


There are many education bills that have been introduced in the House and Senate. We will be watching these to see if any are passed by both legislative bodies. House Bill 377 addresses reduction in testing, House Bill 438 addresses changing Read to Achieve, Senate Bill 580 addresses Classroom Supplies, and several bills asking for school district flexibility when it comes to calendar.

59 Bills Dedicated to School Calendar - Click the button below, scroll to the bottom of the document and see them all.

In the News

Assistant Principal and Curriculum Facilitator Recognitions

Assistant principals and curriculum facilitators are instrumental in the day-to-day operations of schools, building relationships with students and families, and the work that occurs for staff and student growth. Shoutout to these amazing educators impact so many through their leadership role!

Follow what is happening at Jones by following @mrs_amandaR on Twitter!
Wonder what happens at MAMS? Check out @Levi_Goins on Twitter to see!
Learn more about MAHS, staff, and students by following @kjoyceMAHS on Twitter!
Eve Trotter Named Curriculum Facilitator at B.H. Tharrington Primary School
Learn more about BHT by following @etrotter_BHT on Twitter!

We are excited to announce that Mrs. Eve Trotter has been named Curriculum Facilitator at BHT! Read the full press release by visiting our website!

School Nutrition of the Year Named

Congratulations to School Nutrition's Employee of the Year, Lesa Samuels!

Manager Cookie Boggs, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services Dr. Sandy George, Employee of the Year Lesa Samuels, School Nutrition Director Celena Watson, Principal Emily Niston, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Phillip Brown, and Interim Curriculum Facilitator Eve Trotter

Congratulations to School Nutrition's Manager of the Year, Sharon Jones!

Chief Academic Officer Dr. Phillip Brown, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services Dr. Sandy George, School Nutrition Director Celena Watson, Manager of the Year Sharon Jones, and Curriculum Facilitator Amanda Robertson
Mount Airy Middle School students recently took a trip to Washington, D.C. The trip was packed with experiences that will last a lifetime!
MAHS Honors Theatre student Andy Majure won the top award - Best Overall Film at the Surry Arts Film Festival. He also won for Best Special Effects.
Samuel Eads won Best Director at the Surry Arts Film Festival. He is also a MAHS Honors Theatre student.
National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
Congratulations, students! Aubree Arnder, Cydney Boyer, Chloe Cave, Georgia Chapman, Christopher Cogdill, Alyssa Collins, Evan Dorsett, Emma Dowell, Piper Draughon, Samuel Eads, Matthew Gilley, Margaret Glenn, Alyssa Grout, Abdier Guadalupe-Ortiz, Emma Hall, Bridget Harris, Elizabeth Heck, Christian Hodges, Mackenzie Hodges, Taylor Jester, Brooksie Lawson, Kalie Mabe, Olivia Malone, Meredith Marion, William Marshall, Ellie Martin, Everett Martin, Sarah Martin, Kathlyn Mauck, Kathleen McDuffie, Haley Moser, Chase Pruett, Ashton Rierson, Kamya Payeng Rose, Catherine Sawyers, Taylor Sexton, Cole Shelton, Camden Taylor, Andrew Tilley, Anna Tucker, Jackson Tumbarello, Perry Wagoner, Baelin Watson, and Sadie Williamson

Upcoming Events

Testing Calendar

Visit our testing calendar website to see what test(s) your child will be taking in the next few months.

  • Thursday, April 18 9:30am CTE Honor Society Induction at MAHS
  • Wednesday, May 1 - FREE Sports Physicals for MAMS students at MAMS (during the day)
  • Thursday, May 2 - Rising 3rd Grade Family Night 5:30 at Jones
  • Friday, May 3 - School Lunch Hero Day
  • Friday, May 3 - BHT Walking School Bus
  • Friday, May 3 - MAHS Pops Concert 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 4 10am-12noon Talks Saves Lives at CCO Board of Education Room (Open to all)
  • Monday, May 6 - BHT Kindergarten Musical @ Jones 6:00
  • Tuesday, May 7 - Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Wednesday, May 8 - Bike to School Day MAMS
  • Wednesday, May 8 - National School Nurse Day
  • Thursday, May 9 - MACS Band Spring Concert 7:00pm at MAHS
  • Friday, May 10 - BHT Walking School Bus
  • Friday, May 10 - Construction Day for MS and HS students
  • Friday, May 10 - Jones Bears Have Talent at 6:00 at Jones
  • Monday, May 13 - MAMS Chorus Spring Concert 7:00pm at MAMS
  • Tuesday, May 14 - MACS Latin Fiesta - 5:00pm-7:00pm at MAHS
  • Friday, May 17 - BHT Walking School Bus
  • Friday, May 17 - Summer Camp Registration Ends
  • Saturday, May 18 - BHT Ford Drive Fundraiser at Veteran's Memorial Park 9:00am-2:00pm
  • Wednesday, May 22 - FREE Sports Physicals for MAMS students at MAMS (during the day)
  • Wednesday, May 22 - MAHS Academic Awards Ceremony 9:30 at MAHS
  • Thursday, May 23 - MAHS Class One-Act Plays 7:00 at MAHS
  • Friday, May 24 - BHT Walking School Bus
  • Monday, May 27 - Memorial Day Holiday - No School for Students/Staff
  • Tuesday, May 28 -MAHS CNA and Pharmacy Tech Pinning MAHS
  • Friday, May 31 - BHT Walking School Bus
  • Friday, May 31 - Summer Camp Letters Go Home
  • Friday, May 31 - 2nd Grade Graduation 9:00am

Great Work!

Going the Extra Mile - April GEMs

BHT would like to recognize Andrew Draughn for going the extra mile. He is an asset to our team. Andrew goes the extra mile in building relationships with his students on bus 33. He has established partnerships with local businesses to acquire rewards for his students to recognize leadership behavior on the bus.

Going the Extra Mile for Jones, goes to our two student teachers/interns: Kaitlin Teague and Emma Wagoner. We appreciate everything that they have done for the students at Jones Intermediate School this spring, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

MAMS would like to recognize Alex Tedder and Heather Stafford. They successfully planned the 7th/8th grade trip to Washington DC. Students had a wonderful time and everyone came back safe and happy. It takes a lot of time and planning to execute a successful trip with a large number of middle school students.

MAHS wants to recognize Andrea Brown. Using her skillset as a graphic designer, Andrea Brown has helped develop marketing publications for various programs at MAHS and in our district. Her extra time and effort are making a tremendous difference as we communicate with the MA community.

  • Central Office recognizes:
  • Larry Davis and his efforts for holding a large regional meeting at our new Community Central Office for CDCs/SPCs
  • Teachers and coaches who have worked to create summer camp opportunities for students.

Innovators of the Month for April

BHT – Kirsten Martin

BHT would like to recognize Kirsten Martin as our Innovator of the Month. Over the last two years she has been dedicated to learning multiple curriculums and transforming her classroom environment. She is a true advocate for her students and works closely with their families. She seeks out resources and collaborates readily with a range of specialists to support her students’ unique needs.

Jones would like to recognize its Innovator of the month as K.T. Jones. Ms. Jones has recently been flexible and innovative with her schedule in order to meet the needs of all of the EC students at our school. Ms. Jones spends time investing in the needs of her students and their families! She also continues to grow as a professional in the field of education by pursuing an advanced degree.

MAMS: Beth Lowry has a unique and intentional way of creating relationships with students. Every student needs an advocate and someone they can go to in school. Ms. Lowry builds rapport with many students who may not have another support system. Students are motivated by the culture she establishes in her classroom and willing to put in the extra effort needed to make growth in her ELA classroom. Her instructional approach is a unique combination of traditional pedagogical strategies such as writing and vocabulary building with an emphasis on building skills necessary for state assessments.

MAHS: Bryan Hayes has developed and implemented a model AP Calculus review for his students. This 6-week process will increase skills and build confidence prior to AP testing later on in May. Goal setting, data analysis, and student conferences are a key components of this process. The students know exactly where they are and need to be on a daily basis to prepare for this important test.

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