The House That Built Me: 6 Strong Women A photo essay by Allison vana

There have been several inspirational women who have influenced my life. These six strong inspritations continue to shape me into who I am today.

Mother Mary

Mary looking and watching over our masses in the chapel every day.

Mary has always been a huge inspiration to me. Her selflessness and faith have taught me through the years that being true to yourself can do wonders for many people.

My Mom

My mom reading an interesting novel.

My mom has taught me to embrace who I am. Because of her, I am able to make the most of my experiences and form lasting relationships with everyone. Her selflessness inspires me to give more of myself to others.

Mrs. Alt

Mrs. Alt enthustically teaching her students the math lesson of the day.

Mrs. Alt is an example of a person who not only works hard to achieve her goals, but also cares about everyone around her. She makes me work hard and push myself to understand problems that I never thought I could tackle and radiates positivey when I am feeling frustrated.

Mother Catherine McAuley

The art of Mother McAuley guides visitors down our hall.

Catherine McAuley shows me that one small action can make a big difference. Her desire to help others is what inspires me to want to help others when I grow up some day, as well.

Adriana Silva

Adriana enjoys spending time with our friends.

My friend from the senior class last year, Adriana Silva, not only gave me advice on how to overcome the obstacles and embrace the moments of high school, she continues to inspire me to be my best self as I grow up. She shows me how much a sense of humor can impact a person.

Mrs. Wessling

Mrs. Wessling works hard to fill out paperwork to keep Mercy running strong.

Mrs. Wessling has taught me so much about working hard, compassion, and dedication. Through all of her work at Mercy, she makes time for all of her students and this inspires me to be as helpful as she is.

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