You go,boy! by dwayne robinson

Introduction: Hello,

The Spatial Experience: The Constans Theatre, a spectacular theatre, that housed many UF student to captivate an amazing show: The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt. I was seated three rows away from the action that was presented on stage. My seating location helped me captivate the full experience of the show in vibrant colors, hearings, and seeings. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, the rapt audience sat there as the music played and the actors displayed their artistic talents. The size of the auditoriums housed many UF students so I saw a lot gesticulating from students as well as students reactions to what they have seen or heard on the stage. The play captures social oppression versus privilege.

Sarah Bernhart

The Social Experience: Before the play, a group of my friends gathered and had a great conversation on what to expect from the play and how can it relate to our Good Life class. Attending, the play with friends was epic. We all leaned back, jaw- dropping as we watch the play ascend, yet again, into a spectacular play. After, the show all of my friends and I gathered and discovered that slack-jawed amazement was a universal expression. We talked and gesticulated our experience , we ended or visit with hugs and hand shakes.


The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play developed a keen, new way of seeing our culture through the eyes of the privileged and people under the social expression. Back then, all of the factory workers were woman but this consists of hard labor and poor working environments. This opens up the framework of the play that they are poor and oppressed in contrast to Bernhardt the opulent and elite. Before, I knew it, that woman were treated unequally in the workplace and not have the same fundamental rights as a man did in that era. The performance did not change my post-perspective of the theme and culture because I already knew it. Unfortunately, the subject matter does have a relationship in my life because it captivates social oppression that eventually ascend onto racial oppression in the end that hinders and descends the black community into being abused and treated badly in society.

The Emotional Experience: The play was jaw-dropping and magnificent. Sarah Bernhardt already understood equality, but throughout the play I felt like she did not until the end. The play helped me reach katharsis because the rich and the elite finally understood good moral and ethical obligations towards the poor and feeble. And some were keeping their options open, and some just didn't want to get left out the loop. But they all had one thing in common - they found their truth.


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