British Invasion Created by samuel jones and kyle majorS

The 60's British Invasion was a phenomenon in which American culture of rebellious actions and music diffused to Europe. Europeans began to play rock & roll and fell in love with the style, bringing it to the United States. The Beatles were the main band leading this invasion, but some popular bands that followed in the footsteps of The Beatles included the Dave Clark Five, the Rolling Stones, the Animals, Dusty Springfield, the Kinks, and many others. This invasion is considered by many to have recreated music altogether.

The Beatles: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison.

American music was at a very low point in history during the late 50's and early 60's. Elvis was still remaining successful, however music was starting to lose its taste. During this, bands in Brittain began to enjoy the sound of rock & roll, creating bands of their own. These bands had little success across the pond in Europe, by recreating the sound people wanted, but The Beatles led the success rate to the top by coming to the United States at the ideal time. When JFK was assassinated, the Beatles came in with an upbeat style and a youthful noise that young people could not get enough of. This exciting and new style of pop and rock gave Americans the sound they craved in this time of mourning and sadness. In addition to this, their different ways and manuerisms were brand new to our youth, making them fall in love.

The Beatles arriving in America

Hierarchal Diffusion

Rock and Roll spread over to Europe through Hierarchal Diffusion from the very talented and famous Elvis Presley. The people in England began to attempt recreation of this music with little success, it wasn't until they came to America that their success truly began.

Elvis Presley

Relocation Diffusion

Eventually one band started to get it right, The Beatles. After having little success and people somewhat enjoying them in Europe, they chose to relocate to America. They came over during the perfect time, as previously stated. We could not get enough of their sound that simply made us happier and helped us through tough times. The version of rock and pop they brought to our world was completely new and we fell in love. This led to an entire new era of music. Rock and Roll. The Beatles, Elvis, and other bands previously stated, were the trailblazers that opened the doors to this era and led us to the great ages of music that ended the stagnant style of music we were in before.

In conclusion, this invasion of music and culture into the United States is a great example of pop culture and its diffusion because of how quickly and rapidly it spread and took action, changing the style of music, losing the old, traditional style of music. This spread from a very successful person, to another country, then brought it back to the U.S., and it became instantly famous. The stimulating music we have from the 60's and on, could considerably be caused by this invasion and risk taken by these select bands.

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