Buddha Tweets Mady belanger

From @princesiddhartha Its ya boy fresh from the womb. Man it feels good to be free. #watchout #byewombhelloworld. 563 BCE
From @princesiddhartha My mother has become ill and has died. My aunt prajapti will take care of me. #outwiththeoldinwiththenew
From @princesiddhartha I'm too good for school. I guess I'm advanced. #2cool4school
From @princesiddhartha I don't need friends I would much rather be alone. #loner
From @princesiddhartha Today I saw a wounded swan with an arrow through its wing. But don't worry I gotcha swan, I saved it. #ineedahero
From @princesiddhartha Gotta compete in a contest if I wanna marry my girl Yasodhara. #anything4her #whatdidigetmyselfinto
From @princesiddhartha I WON!!!! I present to you Prince Siddhartha and Princess Yasodhara! #newlyweds #thoughtiwasgonnalose
From @princesiddhartha Thanks father for building us 2 wonderful palaces! 1 for winter and 1 for summer. #rich #thankful
From @princesiddhartha I want to welcome my new son Rahula to the world. #itsaboy #proudfather
From @princesiddhartha after visiting the city 3 times I learned 3 new things. They are sad. #depressed #leavemealone
From @princesiddhartha After 6 years in the forest I am unhealthy and weak. #helpme #foodplease
From @princesiddhartha After visiting the tree of enlightenment. You shall now call me Buddha #buddhism #newyearnewme

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