The Era of Good Feelings What is was like to live in the early 1800's

The United States in the Early 1800s. The nation in 1800 was very different from what it is today. Two out of every three Americans still lived within 50 miles of the Atlantic Coast. Fewer than one in ten lived west of the Appalachians. Everywhere, travel was different and slow. Nothing moved faster than a horse could run-not people, not goods and messages.

Early Politics. After being elected president 1816, James Monroe went on goodwill tour. Huge crowds greeted him so warmly that a newspaper proclaimed an "Era of good Feelings." Monroe's eight years as president are still known by this name today. To many Americans at the time it seemed that a new period of national unity had dawned.

Early American Art. Not all artist were professionals. Ordinary people produced many kinds of folk art. Folk art, made by ordinary people (as opposed to trained artists) using traditional methods. Most professional artists made a living doing portraits. Portrait artists of the period tried to capture the personalities and emotions of their subjects.

Early American Music. Americans national identity was also expressed through music. Until the 1800s, Music in the United States was performed and heard in church. Songs were performed outside church, too, but they were usually old tunes with new lyrics. As demands for popular songs grew, composers answered with a stream of patriotic anthems.

Early American Literature. In 1820, a British writer sneered "Who reads an American book? or goes to an American play? or looks at an American picture or statue?" In the eyes of Europeans, the United States was culturally backward nation. Yet America was finding its cultural voice, especially in literature. Like the painters of the Hudson River School, writers began to use uniquely American subjects and settings.

Some may Argue that being an American in the early 1800s is easy but i say that it is hard because back then they didn't have the technology that we have today along that we don't have as much wars as they did back then, Also Music has changed , and art has changed.

Conclusion. It is hard to be an American in the 1800s because the laws are different from what they are today, also not the same way it was runned as it is today also we don't have slaves no more. It is also hard because you may had to farm or had to be in war along that there is no technology like we have today

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