Canbury School Newsletter 22nd March 2019. issue 155.

Dear Parents and Visitors

Another week has flown by, and what a busy and productive one it's been. From Year 7 Zac taking a Chemistry lesson, to watching our whole school run around Isabella Planation in Richmond Park on Wednesday afternoon, I can honestly say there is NEVER a dull moment in school. Indeed the Duke of Edinburgh explorers had a muddy and variable weather weekend. But there was some sunshine, as illustrated by the morning sun shot which graces the top of this week's newsletter.

There was great excitement in the school hall at assembly today when our school sat rapt with attention as they listened to Canbury Sixth Formers telling them all about the next step up when it comes to studying. Make no mistake, the jump up from GCSEs to Level 3 learning is no easy feat, but our Sixth Formers were also able to reassure with talk of the luxury and independence of the new Sixth Form building. You could just see our younger students salivating at the prospect of one day stepping into the sacred space.

In other news from assembly Mrs Bate brought along her cheerful tail wagging cockerpoo Ned to join us. Ned has been an occasional visitor to school, and now today in the news there is further reports that therapy dogs in schools can reduce stress and anxiety and even improve attendance.


With that in mind we're going to trial Ned next Wednesday and Thursday in school and allow him to wander about. He will be able to go into classrooms, have a mooch about and come out again. He loves to be stroked and cuddled, but we will have to see how it pans out. I said in assembly today that any student who is nervous about this must come and talk to me. And we also need to see how Ned fares. It's an experiment for all of us. I will keep you posted.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Zac for 100% the last three weeks running for his Mathematics Parallel homework.

Anders for his outstanding contributions in Spanish.

Zac for extending his answers and making excellent connections with words and phrases in Spanish.

Adam for helping other students and for his commitment to Spanish.

Year 8

Harry A for being supportive and mature in Spanish, and producing great work!

Matthew for outstanding contributions in Spanish speaking work.

Ottilie for consistent focus and efforts in Spanish.

Year 9

Armani for consistency in her efforts and a fantastic attitude and approach in Spanish.

Seb for giving his best in Spanish and taking pride in his work.

Harry B for consistency in his Spanish vocabulary tests and the presentation of his work.

Year 10

Pascal for achieving a grade 7 in his History test on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Emily for the consistent quality of her writing and speaking in Spanish.

Pascal for meeting the success criteria three times in a row and producing excellent work in Spanish.

Year 11

Dean for 80% on a Mathematics past paper.

Jasmina, Faysal, Felix and Dean for their continued hard work and commitment in the lead up to their Spanish speaking exam - well done!


Mathematics news.

Year 9 student Evie made these at home based on construction work which was covered in Mathematics and using compasses. Mrs Allen was so impressed she wanted everyone to see them!

Mrs Allen would also like to let all Mathematics students know that whilst any exam approved calculator is fine, the particular model Canbury recommends is being discontinued and will be replaced with a newer model.

If you are ordering your child a new Mathematics calculator from Casio it should be the fx-83GTX or the fx-85GTX.

Zac works wonders as a teacher.

"We'll come back to that later...."

Just look at Ms Clancy's face in the picture above. Year 7 pupil Zac took a Chemistry lesson this week - for a whole hour. He prepared material, created a power point, kept the class hooked and reminded himself, in notes, not to be condescending.

Ms Clancy, who was invited in to see his teaching came away amazed. "He could teach us all a thing or two about this job," she said. But actually, her face says it all.

Sports News

Inter House Swimming GALA

Alex W (Johnson) was the outstanding swimmer - he has certainly made big improvements since he arrived at Canbury, and his points helped Johnson House take 2nd place ahead of Noble. Clear winners however, were Campbell House.

Inter House Cross Country Championships

The weather was dry but cloudy and whilst the temperature wasn’t as high as promised, it was still pretty mild. Junior competitors faced a one lap 2km route. The Seniors did it twice. The outstanding performance was from Evie who despite still being in Year 9 smashed the 2005 Senior Girl’s record by over 2 minutes recording 18’11 and coming 3rd behind Harry C and Joe H.

Many more pictures from this year's Cross Country will appear in the school yearbook.

Harry A was a clear winner of the U14 Boys race and Ottilie beat Zaynab for the race for the U14 Girl’s title. Once again I was impressed with a number of runners and should mention Carl and Oscar who proved that determination and motivation plays a great part in many sports especially ones requiring stamina. Thanks to all the staff who helped and for Ms Clancy for handing out the medals at the end of the races.

Inter House Basketball

In the A Team matches Rhian (J) and Shiroxley (C) scored 4 baskets each but it was Campbell who won. Noble however, in the B Team games proved very strong and in the end the combined results saw a draw between Campbell and Noble.

Next week we have KS3 Inter House Water Polo on Tuesday, Senior Inter House Football on Wednesday and KS3 Inter House Badminton on Thursday.

Chorizo stew or Rice Krispies for lunch? Duke of Edinburgh Update....

We survived! (writes Mr McGregor). The five intrepid explorers - Emily, Pascal, Rosie, Caitlin and Matt set off on Friday for two nights and two days for their Silver practice expedition in the countryside around East Grinstead.

On arrival we discovered that our campsite resembled more of a mudbath than a campsite, but nonetheless we got our tents up and dinner on before the rain got too heavy. On Saturday we left early, accompanied by the wind and rain. The rain soon subsided, though we were left with lots of blustery wind. We battled through, with each adventurer taking a turn at the helm and leading the group, proving their map reading skills were up to scratch.

All in all a fabulous, if muddy, weekend. Well done!

We bunkered down in some woods for lunch, and then made it back to the campsite before even more rain came in on Saturday night. Dinner standards were surprisingly high - Mr McGregor was obviously keen to impress with his chorizo, courgette and spinach ragu, while Pascal was less worried about his culinary impressions - his lunch consisted of dry cereal.

On Sunday we woke to beautiful sunshine (see the photo!) and although a bit chilly, the sunshine certainly cheered everyone up. We had a speedy pack up, got mud off most of the tents and headed out once more. We had a slightly shorter walk scheduled for today - but a trickier one given the higher levels of map reading and compass use needed. Thirza was was really impressed with how quickly they all picked it up. We lunched at a beautiful spot called Stone Farm rocks, with a beautiful view over the Kingscote Estate vineyards and the Wier Wood Reservoir behind. A short walk back to the minibus was all that was left - bar the drive home, and for Mr McGregor to clean the minibus, of course.

Charity fundraising update - discover your inner animal!

Says charities prefect Felix: "Next Friday, the last day of term, it's World Wide Fund (WWF) Animal Day. We would like students to wear mufti (animal related) in exchange for a £2 donation.

At lunchtime, there will a cake and fruit sale provided - so no need to bake. Please note only one slice of cake OR a piece of fruit per student for a suggested donation of between 20p and 50p.

We hope to see lots of animals at the Canbury Safari."

In other charity related news, our Epilepsy Fundraising Purple Day, which had been scheduled for Friday 24th May, is postponed. We will bring you news of when we hope to hold it in due course.


Meet the member of staff.

Say cheese!

You just never know what you're going to learn about a member of the Canbury family, until you read this section of the newsletter. Maternity cover art teacher Mrs Smith doesn't disappoint with her answers to our nosey questions. It would appear family is her biggest love, followed quickly by art - of course. But will you find her on a farm, or at a music festival, and will she run there? Read on to find out.

Place where you are happiest?

Oh that’s tricky, I want to say the Tate Modern, but I also want to be in Yorkshire, can I move the Tate?

Mrs Smith, in arty green coat and mustard boots at Tate Modern. But to make this day perfect, she'd need to be in Yorkshire.

What do you love about Canbury?

The amazing talented students who blow my mind every day, the friendly dedicated staff and my little classroom, I love my little classroom!

Summer picnic or winter night-time ghost tour of London?

Oh I’m not very good in the dark but I also burn in the sun, ok I’ll have a picnic at a music festival wearing a floppy hat and lots of sun cream.

What do you wish you had tried harder at at school?

I tried hard in all my lessons, I was a bit of a rebel with my uniform though, oh my poor form tutor! Yes, maybe that!

Dream job (if not the one you're in!)

You know I think I’m in it, I feel very privileged being able to teach what I love, especially here at Canbury!

Favourite film?

Favourite film is Once, I’ve seen it a million times, the music is amazing. I’m a big Glen Hensard fan.

As an art teacher, what do you wish to inspire in your students?

Self belief and confidence. There’s nothing better than a student being proud of something they have made.

Thing you wish you'd known at 16?

That perms really were not cool!

Where will you be in ten years time?

I’d love to be living in the Peak District with lots of pets, maybe chickens, a goat or two, definitely a few dogs. I imagine running over the hills and painting the lovely landscape.

Thing(s) you're looking forward to most about the Easter break?

Catching up with friends, ideally whilst watching a live band. Seeing my daughters who are away at university. Gallery visits to London (Diane Arbus at the Haywood and Don McCullin at the Tate Britain are both on my list).

Tell is what your ideal day looks like - you have plenty of money and time and no responsibilities.

I don’t think I need lots of money, just time with people I love. An early morning run with my sporty daughter, an exhibition with my arty daughter, a curry with my sisters, a chat with my Mum and a pint with my Dad.



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