To kill A Mockingbird Chapter titles by Erik Jorgensene

Chapter 1: The Background of my Life

or: My Days Before

Chapter 2: When I went to School

Or: Miss Caroline

Chapter 3: The Situation Of Walter Cunningham

Or:The School fight With Walter Cunningham

Chapter 4: The end of School

Or: The return Of Dill

chapter 5: Trying to get hold of Jem

Or: Playing Games Of Boo Radley

Chapter 6: The Golden Rule

Or: The Special Tree

Chapter 7: The Next School Year

Or: How Is Jem

Chapter 8: How the Seasons change

Or: Poor Mrs.Maudie

Chapter 9: The effect of Disgraceful Atticus in my family

Or: Another same Christmas tradition

Chapter 10: The Older Atticus

Or: The crazy Old dog

Chapter 11: The annoying Mrs. Dubose

Or: The outcome of Mrs. Dubose

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