We Didn't Start the Fire Bailey & keely

Harry Truman : 1949 - US President at the time. Truman authorized the atomic bombs that landed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Truman led the United States through WWII and the Cold War. The Cold War started under Truman's watch and the Truman doctrine commanded the United States to a policy supporting foes of communism.


Marilyn Monroe: 1950 - Monroe was a HUGE Hollywood star. Monroe was married to Joe DiMaggio. Their names rhymed in the song. Her boyfriend, John F. Kennedy, the Cold War and the nuclear arm races with the soviet union were vital through his political career.


Richard Nixon: 1950 - Nixon had a political fund that was used for reimbursement of political funds. This controversy lead to a possible conflict of interest. Nixon hoped to gain credit for easing Cold War tensions. GEO politically, he hoped to use relations with Moscow and Beijing as leverage to pressure north Vietnam to end the war.


H-Bomb: 1951 - It was they first hydrogen bomb. It was first tested in the United States in 1952. A group of scientist supported the development of the hydrogen bomb. President Truman announced to work on the hydrogen bomb was to continue into the 1950s.


Joseph Stalin: 1953 - Stalin started the 40 year long tension between the US and the USSR, also known as the Cold War. His death ended the Cold War.


Disneyland: 1955 - It is a theme park that had a rough opening week. It is also one of the most well known theme parks in the world. Following the death of Walt Disney, the park in Orlando opened 5 years later. During the Cold War soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, exploded with anger when he could not find the time to visit Disneyland.


Elvis Presley: 1955 - On November 21, Presley signed a recording contract with RCA Victor. Soon after his recording he became the King of Rock & Roll. Elvis is one of Americas famous Cold War veteran.


Peter Pan: 1955 - It was a Broadway musical that attracted an audience of 65 million. Peter Pan broke records for the most views of a single television program. Peter Pan was the top Broadway musical at the time.

Peter Pan

Little Rock: 1957 - Young black students were prevented from entering a segregated high school. President Eisenhower ordered 101st airborne division into Little Rock to ensure the safety of the students.


Malcolm X: 1963 - He preached black separatism. His method was to fuel the civil rights movement. He wrote a letter to Mecca, which expressed his feelings on his Hajj, and its effects as a person. He was later assassinated.

Malcolm X

Foreign Debt: 1970-1980 - Trade defects hurt US economy. The US could not balance the trading of foreign goods. These debts were causing an increase of inflation.

Foreign Debt

AIDs: 1983 - First major outbreak in Africa that claimed the lives of 36 million people. Its outbreak drew attention to its causes.


Marilyn Monroe had many boyfriends/husbands, lets find out who they were. John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy-his brother, Yves Montand, Sam Giancana, José Bolanos, Frank Sinatra, Yul Brynner, Marlon Brando, Aurther Miller-one husband, Robert Mitchum, Joe DiMaggio-husband, Robert Slatzer-husband, Elia Kazan, George Sanders, Milton H. Greene, Tony Curtis, Milton Berle, Joseph M. Schnck, George Jessel, Jorge Guinle, Darryl F. Zabuck, James Dougherty, Howard Hughes, Eddie Fisher, and Anton Lavey.

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