Middle School Education Courtney Redenius

Middle School Teachers usually only teach only one subject. Middle School teaching is typically considered to be grades 6-8th. Some schools don't have a middle school. Some schools consider Kindergarten through 8th grade as Elementary, and then 9-12 High School. That is one trend that has changed a lot since before.

The Common Core Standards is one trend that has changed a lot in the last few years. One of the many ways it has changed is what the Common Core consists of. They have added a lot of courses they have to teach, but they have also cut out a lot of books and stories that they are supposed to read in classes like English.

Technology is another major trend that has changed. Since the 1980's computers have been used, but recently they have expanded how many they use. To this day they use more laptops, I-pads, phones, and etc.

Another trend that has changed a lot is Corporal Punishment. It used to be legal in almost everywhere, but now a days, it is illegal in many of the schools.

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