War of the Roses By: Alina Bader

The Houses

Red rose= The House of Henry VI. White rose= The House of Edward IV.

The Houses

Henry VI vs Edward IV

Some believe that is the largest battle ever fought on British soil.

Henry VI & Edward IV

Richard III-Guilty or Not

People like to believe the story of the Princess in the Tower because Shakespeare later

Richard III

Battle of Bosworth Field

King Richard III didn't have a happy region. He beheaded anyone he suspected of opposing him, but rumors still spread.

Battle of Bosworth Field

Henry Tudor & the House of Tudor

Henry Tudor: He was from a powerful family of Welsh nobles, & was great-great-great grandson of Edward.

The House of Tudor: After he was killed in battle, Richard III was stripped naked & buried in a commoners grave in a church near Leicester.

Henry Tudor & The House of Tudor


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