Choux Paste Choux pastry is a unique pastry in that it's first cooked on the stove top and then it's baked. You start by adding flour to a boiled mixture of butter and water/milk (like a roux). The mixture is cooked until it forms a smooth ball of dough.

This choux paste is called Profiterole. A profiterole is a type of pastry, often better known as the cream puff. It shouldn’t be confused with pastries made with filo dough, which can be called puff pastry. Instead, the average profiterole is made with a type of dough called choux pastry, which is a combination of flour, butter, eggs, and water. Usually, this mixture used spatula and piped onto baking pans in a round shape, and then baked until browned. The interior of the choux pastry has a soft scrambled egg-type centre that is removed before the pastry is filled. for it's filling it can be custard, pastry cream, or ice cream. It is impressive to see how neat the plating and the chocolate sauce on top of the dessert. I like how they zoomed and focused only one ball. I like how the sauce on top drips down because it gives level as a design for the pastry. It would be practical dessert in our school especially in the summer because the filling can be ice cream or whip cream. Also, the sweetness of the dessert is not too sweet and it doesn't require peanuts. A lot of students loves to eat chocolate and love the taste of whip cream.
Croquembouche is a French dessert, which literally means "crunch in the mouth". The dessert is a tall, cone-shaped stack of puff pastry bites, held up by a little bit of caramel allowing the beauty of architecture to seamlessly mix with cream and the dessert is topped with spun sugar around the finished pyramid. Croquembouche can also be topped with chocolate, sweetened nuts and more. Making Croquembouche requires several steps, after all, it is going to be a pyramid dessert. To make the pastry puffs, you'll need butter, salt, flour, and eggs. The pastry cream requires egg yolks, sugar, flour, milk, butter, chocolate and espresso powder. Sugar and corn syrup are all you need fro the caramel. The dessert is held together with the help of the caramel. I find this picture impressive because the dessert was build as a pyramid and corn syrup was designed outside the pyramid. I like how to caramel made the pastry shinny. Caramel would be a good fit for whip cream as a filling. This dessert wouldn't be practical in our school because it looks better it its design as a pyramid.
Paris Brest is a french dessert, consisting of a ring of choux pastry and filled with praline flavoured cream and topped with flaked almonds and icing sugar. It's cut horizontally and filled with loads of vanilla flavoured whipped cream. The finishing touch is to dust the top of the pastry with powdered sugar. In order to keep the shell crisp, fill with the cream shortly before serving. To make the choux pastry you will need flour, salt, butter, milk, water, sugar, eggs. For the whipped cream you will need, cold heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, and white sugar. lastly would be the powered sugar and almond. This picture impresses me because this dessert is a round shape, and it has a nice design on top. The powered sugar matched the colour of the choux pastry and the filling. Also, the filling is impressive because it has design and they all have the same sizes as the other ones. This would be practical in our school because you can remove the almonds because some of the students have allergies. Although, it will still taste good with almonds.

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