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Today we all went down to the pit area. There were six tables for all the classes and there were pictures on our tables and there were three boards and each were a different strand which are part of our transdisciplinary skills. We had to pick a picture and put it where we think it belongs. It was awesome and fun!
This is one of the boards. The different strands were - the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity, our appreciation of the aesthetic and a last one on our believes, values and culture. I learned about the cool, unique and different ways in which we can express ourselves. I also didn't know that the ways our divided in three sections. I loved it!
Samaira, Arshia, Tavishee, Ryan, Shaurya

Essential Agreements

  • Don’t get distracted and don’t play games
  • Don’t drift off topic
  • Don’t talk over each other and be bossy
  • Do your own research, but help each other

Central Idea - Exploration of the universe is a natural response to human curiosity.

Lines of Inquiry -

  • Exploration of the universe.
  • Beliefs in strange space phenomena.
  • Space and the future of mankind.

Bright Ideas

We have amazing ideas for displaying our information on black holes on charts. We could make a chart with info on black holes and make a hole in the middle which would be the black hole and if you look through it you could see what it might be inside a black hole etc. We also have great ideas for questions to research into like what is the age of the stars, origin of the universe, evidence of alien contact etc.

Black hat

  • Teamwork is a big issue because we keep on fighting and don't listen to each other.
  • We keep on getting distracted and drift off topic and play games.
  • When we do our research we don't know what the other person is doing and don't collaborate.
  • Our work is not organised and it is just dumped on a google doc in big paragraphs.
  • Teamwork - We try talking calmly and have an order of who goes first to speak so we don't fight.
  • Distraction - We should warn them maximum three times and if they still don't listen then we should complain to our class teacher.
  • Collaboration - When we have free time we should go over each other's work and understand what they have done and we should try not to divide ourselves for researching.
  • Organisation - We should have separate google docs for collecting our information as on one it gets very confusing.


With and between our group-

Our communication is pretty bad because we argue on silly things and have fights, and we don't know what the other person is doing at all. But when we try to communicate [ which is rare ] our group runs smoothly and calmly! We should start an order of who speaks and tells their idea.

With the lead teacher of our group-

There isn't much to communicate with Mr Steve but so far we have had good communication because we have followed his rules and instructions perfectly and there is no problem with that.

With our mentor and Parents-

We have great communication with our mentor and we have mentor meetings quite often. She has helped us with our display and and segregating our info. My communication with my parents is ok since I haven't told much about what we are doing but our parents have created a chat on which they are planning a field trip.

Yellow Hat Reflection

  • Our research is pretty good, we finished almost all our research for all lines of inquiry and it is perfectly relevant.
  • Our displays are turning out pretty good, are painting is awesome and so is the model, we have made a presentation for the other questions in our LOI 1.
  • Space is a topic in which there are many places to for field trips, we decided to go to Nehru Planetarium. It is the first time for my whole group but my 4th time!
  • There are also many astronomers and other people who study space so it will be easy to interview some of them.
  • We all have a good idea of what we are doing, and together we come with innovative ideas that are so superb
  • We all are really contributing to our group and working hard so we can finish on time.


Good ones -

Cooperation is very important because without it you would fight and disagree and you wouldn't work together. You need to be Committed to your work because if you don't then work will be incomplete and you will put your whole group behind. You also should be Creative to find how you can display your information and make it look beautiful. Curiosity is important so you research more and is connected to How we Express Ourselves.

Bad ones -

I am not cooperative towards some people in my group and I fight and disagree with them pretty often and I need to respect them a little more too. But I am starting to improve on it and we started fighting less and trying to hear each others opinions and be polite to each other.

Social Skills

I think I am caring, open-minded, respectful and principled but I am a little behind on cooperation. We had ups and downs in our group and couldn't get along that well but now we are much better.


  • In mentor meeting I demonstrate my social skills by speaking and contributing to tell what we have done, respectfully.
  • I'm giving my opinions and ideas properly and at the same time open for other's ideas too.
  • I am following all the essential agreements properly, and I have a good attitude.
  • I have been committed to my work and done everything I need to do.


I think I am a good communicator because I speak boldly and clearly and a great listener at the same time too, I value others ideas I do give everyone a chance to speak but sometimes I don't listen which puts me a little behind on the line. Except that I think I am a pretty good communicator!

Today's Work Recount

Today we divided ourselves because there was a lot to do. Ryan and Shaurya started to start researching on ways we explore our universe, tech that we use and they added it to the presentation. They had to do it because we forgot to include it in our researched info for LOI 1. Tavishee made a Prezi for us and was planning on her Powtoon, while me and Samaira worked on our Central Idea poster that will go in the centre of our display board. I think we made good progress today and I'm happy with our work!


Done resEARCH

  • Mediums of Exploration of the Universe.
  • Tech used to explore.
  • What is space?
  • Origin of the universe.
  • What are black holes?
  • How do we know the age of the stars?
  • Evidence of alien contact.
  • Could there be a multiverse?
  • What is dark matter?
  • How is the Sun's energy gonna die out?
  • What is the future of the earth?
  • How do space problems impact the earth?
We are done with all our questions even in LOI 3, we just have to do our presentations and displays, otherwise we are done.
This is where I think I am in my attitudes!
Our Group's Attitudes

I think we are generally creative in our ideas and have got amazing displays, and we are committed to our work and finish everything on time. These attitudes really help us because our displays will be awesome and we will be prepared because of our commitment!

This is where I think I am in all the transdisclipinary skills. I think I am fairly good in most of them. My worst one is gross motor skills! The best is my reading skills!
  1. I have a great group to work with because we all have similar interests and are fast workers !
  2. Our mentor suggested us two guest speakers and gave us lots of good display ideas. We used the display ideas and it turned out great and we have a guest speaker today.
  3. My most memorable moment was making our black hole painting and our paper mache.
  1. I don't think anything is difficult, but maybe alien contact is hard because you don't now what is true.
  2. I like that we are done with all of our research, we just need to make a presentation and a few more displays and we have used good websites!
  3. We already have LOTS of displays and visuals so that won't be a problem at all, and we haven't got to much writing because we are going to explain.
  1. I learn best when I am with people I know, because I can cooperate well with and we won't fight too much.
  2. I enjoy researching a lot and I am good at it, while I am also good at making presentation and am good at that too.
  3. I work better by myself, because I am independent in researching, making displays, and presenting.
  1. No, our lines of inquiry are perfect and totally related so we didn't change them at all.
  2. Earlier we used to have fight about who was researching about what but now that we are done we don't fight too much.
  3. We were thinking of voting for a leader but then we all agreed for it to be a group of equals. I don't think it was a great idea because no one listens to someone else.
This is where I think our group is in our research!
Hat Reflection

Green - I think I have great ideas. One of them was a message chart. So on white paper on the left we will write a about a person asking what are ways in which we explore the universe, then on the right there will be green paper on which the other person is replying with the answer and a few pictures!!!! Another one was a sort of time line of exploration in space!

Red - I feel my group is really smart and fast working. I am very happy with them except for the fact that we don't cooperate well all the time. I think Samaira and Tavishee are feeling similar things as me, while I don't know about Ryan and Shaurya. I would not want to exchange my group for any other group.

Our Best Ideas

We have amazing ideas, like our messages chart. It will be a chat between two people, one asks what are ways to explore the universe and the other person replies by giving different modes and pictures! Another idea is the black holes chart, we have painted galaxies, stars and planets on a black chart with a huge hole and we stuck a black chart tunnel behind the hole and people look through it and behind we will play a powtoon video made by us on black holes! The third best idea is hanging UFOs. We tool to paper plates and painted them black, then on one we painted windows and a door, and on the other golden dots. On the one with windows in the middle we put a paper bowl and stuck it with black duct tape and then stuck the two halves together!!

Yellow Hat Reflection

  1. Our UFOs were a big success because we made 4 of them and they look super realistic and look amazing and neat!
  2. Another good thing is that we have lots of charts! We have A3 prezi slides printed and the messages chart for LOI 1, We have 5 to 6 charts for LOI 2 and A presentation with pics for LOI 3!
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