How does the pollution in China affect the health of the people? Kelly Troop, H period, cadena

China has one of the best economies in the world. With hundreds of factories, jobs for the people, and ways of transportation it has become a very successful country. The one issue with China's booming economy is it is the cause of many health risks by air pollution and climate change. Taoism is the idea that to have a harmonious society one must be at peace with nature. Based on this the legacies Taoism have not had a big impact on present day China.

Pictured here are a cluster of factories giving off visible air pollution.

Air pollution is one of the biggest problems facing China today. It has lead to thousands of deaths and lead to many citizens becoming sick. Air pollution increases the risk of bronchitis, asthma, lung cancer, and infant mortality. A world study states 67,200 premature deaths and over a half a million cases of chronic bronchitis have occurred due to air pollution. Burning coal is one of the leading causes of air pollution and had caused more than 366,000 premature deaths in 2013.

Women and children working in the home are exposed to biomass fuels or dangerous chemicals and compounds that are emitted when they burn wood, grass, and animal poop. They are at big risk for respiratory infections, lung cancer, and eye damage. Scientists say that if the rate of pollution keeps a steady pace by 2025 three times as many people living in Asia with get diseases and suffer poor health then in 1990. The cities most likely to experience the affects of air pollution are ones going through big industrialization and population growth. Chinese cities are some of the most polluted in the world. Provinces in northern China where power plants are held and materials like steel and cement are made have the highest rate of PM 2.5 (which is a cause of air pollution) in the country.

While there is a lot of air pollution and smog in China some laws have been created to try and limit the amount. They have created an alert system to allow authorities to limit traffic, suspend construction activities and force films to cut production time.

In China's early history Taoism was one of the most practiced religions or schools of thought. It was the idea that to be able to have a harmonious society one must be in touch with nature, be flexible, and live simply. In present day China many people are facing extremely dangerous health risks and thousands of deaths due to air pollution from manufacturing every year. It seems Taoism's school of thought and wants in life were not really of use to current Chinese people based on how China is built around money and economy. Therefore Taoism really has not had a big impact modern day Chinese society.

As the people of China start to become more and more aware of all the air pollution they have created why do they continue to do so much manufacturing not only for themselves but for countries like America as well? How will the large increase in air pollution in China affect other countries and the earth as a whole?

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