Brooke Eden Act Like You Don't

We open with the natural sounds of birds chirping in an established Nashville neighborhood.

Kevin, slightly disheveled and ruggedly handsome, tries to compose himself while stepping on the porch.

He knocks.

Brooke answers the door wearing casual attire. ( with a natural beauty look )

He starts right away -

“Brooke, I know you told me not to come over but I feel like I just just need to see you and say..."

Brooke is quick to interrupt -

"The next time you feel like coming over - act like you don't"

Kevin takes a step back - searching for words he decides to say nothing and walk away.

Brooke shuts the door. Natural light pours through the sheers. Kevin walks to his car.

a "classic" that shows he has a hard time letting go of things

The aged car blows smoke as the engine roars to life.

Brooke glances out the window as Kevin speeds off.

cat optional

fade to black

The music starts - Title cards over glistening abstract visuals -

Brooke Eden


Act Like You Don't

cut to Brooke getting ready for a night out - detail shots of lip stick, and smokey eye's. Pieces of a room thats full of soft beauty light - Brooke is glowing with confidence. (think Beyonce - Irreplaceable)

A knock-em-dead star performance directly to camera. Beauty mies en scene similar to the 2:25 mark in "Irreplaceable"

Brooke's composed and serene beauty performance will be juxtaposed with a few short clips of Kevin's brooding chaos. Pulling up at his house, Kevin sees the boxes Brooke packed up and dropped off on his front porch.

sunlight flashing through speeding trees used as transitions

With Brooke in full glamour makeup - I would love to shoot a mirror performance - or possibly multiple mirrors - I find mirrors and reflections literally and metaphorically fascinating. I would like to set up several mirrors where alll we can see is Brooke an light reflecting for infinity. The idea being that focus on yourself is not only healthy but necessary for rebuilding after a relationship turned sour.

paying with reflections and shooting through crystal

Kevins Radiator blows - distraught, he decides to go for a walk.

probably grabbing a drink along the way

Night life

After the first chorus we transition to evening. Brooke is out with her friends at the bar. I would love to shoot it Westin's new rooftop bar L27 - (ultimately Im looking for a glitzy bar and kick high class roof - I think this place would be perfect)


Brooke preforms to camera (no one else ever acknowledging it) the mood is celebratory. Smiles and libations. Its like Brooke's closes girl friends put on an elaborate party because she dumped Kevin. Time to celebrate a new chapter in her life! drinks are flowing and confetti can even be thrown. (any excuse to shoot in slow motion) Its like a Doir's diamonds advertisement was mashed up with Kid Cudis "presuit of happiness" video. Its one high-class party.

While Brooke is having a great time Kevin flips through old photographs on his phone. Sad and probably drunk, he throws his phone into the woods and walks on.

We are at the bar for Brooke's 2nd verse performance.

"When I smell a stranger wearing your cologne It’s like poison to me yeah I can’t breathe"

Visuals channel high end fashion photography. She uses a sharp dressed man as a prop.

"But I don’t wanna go home alone"

When the song builds and the chorus repeats at the end we enter another solo performance - but this time instead of reflections its wide open rooftop with the city lights twinkling below.

On top of the world

As the song draws to a close we end up back at Brooke's house. Kevin, even more disheveled than has walked all the way back. The lights are on. is she home? is she alone? he walks to the door.

After a pause it looks like the message sunk in. He decides not to knock on the door and walks away.

Confient sexy and engaging

We cut back to the party - Brooke Smiles to the camera from the bar.

party on.

Fade to black.

Created By
Paul Cain


Created with images by AlishaV - "On a Walk (22)" • Dimitry B - "Shoes, Trinity College, Dublin" • storebukkebruse - "Let the sun in..." • davedehetre - "iron" • melissa richards photography - "Waiting" • Asja. - "texture #91" • ioarvanit - "Speeding"

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