This is the artwork for the upcoming full-length album by NC-based metalcore band, Valleys. The overall goal was to give off a strong, somber, and ominous look and feel that resonates with the music on the album. It will be produced in a digipak and will contain a booklet that features lyrics, promo photos of the band, as well as personal messages from the members. It is currently due to be released November 2017.
This is a booklet/manual detailing some of the key processes of the digital print production process. It is intended for those who are unfamiliar with the process and as such, has been kept clean, concise, and organized. It goes over topics such as color, images, printing, pre-press, and also includes a glossary of important terms to know when working with print materials.
Dapper Designs is a startup company for which I have designed the branding. They specialize in upcycled materials such as bow ties, earrings, purses, etc. The client requested a clean, modern, approachable design which would be easily applicable and recognizable. Collateral currently consists of a double-sided business card, envelope, letterhead, and multi-purpose banner.
SpaceTech magazine is all about topics related to outer space and technology. This feature story covers space colonization. It goes over what it might look like, how much it could cost, and how we would source the astronauts needed. Furthermore, quotes from past and present astronauts are included to help describe what we can do to make space colonization a reality within the next 100 years.
Brizzo's Sizzler Sauce is a potential hot sauce brand geared towards a modern crowd. It breaks away from the tacky, overused hot sauce design aesthetic that is seen everywhere in favor of something more modern. It currently has three flavors: mild, hot, and torrid, so there's something for everyone. It is also currently designed to be sold as a complete package, however individual sauce packages could be designed as well.
This is an infographic that details the general graphic design process. It is intended for people who are unfamiliar with it such as beginner designers, but also the general public as well. Its aim is to give everyone a better picture of exactly what it is that we do to produce a graphic design project. It is kept clean, simple, and easy to follow so that it can be applied across some familiar practical applications such as the ones above. It also doubles as a giveaway with my contact information at the bottom, should someone like to initiate a project with me.
10th Street Tavern is a restaurant brand I developed that combines an art deco style with a modern steakhouse style to create a unique atmosphere to keep the customer coming back. It is a place that one might find somewhere like in downtown Raleigh, NC. The drink and main menus are designed separately, however both contain color-coded sections. The main menu also features vegan/vegetarian alternatives for select dishes in order to appeal to a wider audience.
These wine labels were designed for Cougar Run Winery located in Concord, NC. They were designed according to their specs which were provided by the winery. Two designs go for an organic, textured look which is in accordance with their current brand and label designs. The third label design goes for a classier, high-end feel should the winery decide to take this route later on.
This is an exploded view of a snare drum that I own. Aside from it showing all the components of the drum, this could also be used as an instructional piece in an assembly manual. For this reason, it has been kept black and white and refrains from as many extra/unnecessary details as possible.
This is a small sample of my photography. The first three photographs take on more of an abstract nature. The rest are just experimenting with various techniques, lighting, and filters/composition.

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