Butler, PA Backpack Mission Trip November 25-26, 2017

Have you ever wondered what 258 backpacks look like loaded on a bus? Well, this picture is 142 of them, for some reason we negelected to get a picture of all 258!!

And we are off, leaving SSBC at 4:30 AM. Our crew...
Donna, Hannah & Becky
Eric & Amy
Bailey & Hannah
Pastor Mitch and Danny (missing in all pictures could it be because he was the photographer for many of the pictures?)
All went smoothly until we got about half way through....
West Virginia, and then we lost the alternator in the bus!!
So after several hours waitng and looking for an alternator we rented a U Haul and reloaded the backpacks in it. Danny and Donna headed to Butler to get the backpacks there in time for the event! They were very sad to leave the others behind at ....
Autozone in Summersville, WV still trying to get a part!
Finally after around 3 hours a 15 passenger van was found in Beckley WV (about 45 minutes away) and the rest of our team completed the journey to Butler PA! Meanwhile..the U Haul...
made it to downtown Butler to a site on Main Street to deliver the backpacks with about 10 minutes to spare before they closed the streets for the parade!
There the line was already forming to get the backpacks
The setup was well organized...
The backpacks were completely handed out before the parade started at 5:30...all 258 of them! Several people were turned away...
A little more of the distribution
These are some of the Hillcrest Baptist Church members who were part of the distribution team
The Parade was typical in many ways....
EMS, Fire Departments and Police were part of it
High School marching bands
Huge Crowds
Dance teams
More of the crowd
And of course, the Queens and Princesses
As well as ....
A Voodoo Troop yes a practicing Voodoo occult is in Butler PA that was...
Complete with fire jugglers
Radio stations participated in the parade
Various social groups were also in the parade, this bus gave a ride to handicapped children—but, very noticeable to this spectator was the lack of the true meaning of Christmas---Jesus--Pastor Barkley (you will see him later in the story) stated that “there was more God in the heart of Africa than in downtown Butler” ....
Then on to the Holiday Inn where the group finally reconnected, everyone was ready for some much deserved rest ....
We met with the church on Sunday morning where they served us a wondeful breakfast!
Pastor John Barkley and his wife Wendy shared their ministry with us!! It was a very humbling experience
Then we headed back to NC around 10:30 AM, by the way of you guessed it WV!! Because we had to return the U Haul and the van and get someone from the church (who turned out to be Brian and Eric--a big thank you to them for giving up their Sunday afternoon) to pick us up because the bus would be left behind at the AutoZone to be repaired when a part could be found! More pictures...
Bill & Bailey
Bailey & Hannah
Just a last photo of one of our fellowship meals--many may think this trip was a failure with the bus breakdown and I forgot to mention the 11 and 1/2-hour ride home due to all the stops we made to return vehicles, change vehicles, meal and bathroom break and THANKSGIVING TRAFFIC!!! But even with all this God so blessed us with a special feeling that He was with us...many people were placed in our path who went out of their way to help us and THE BACKPACKS MADE INTO THE HANDS THAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TOO!!! We are so thankful for the experience.


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