Whitkirk News! 24th september 2021

A message from Mr. Dawson

We have had a great week with all of the children from Reception to Year 6 being in school full time. Everyone is now getting used to the new timetable and children are settling down to their learning really quickly on a morning. I would like to give a special mention to 4CO, who have enjoyed their second swimming session this week. We have received some great feedback about their excellent behaviour and enthusiasm, whilst representing our school – well done!

On Wednesday, the children had their school photographs taken. There were some lovely smiling faces and I am sure that the pictures will look great in your homes soon! Let's see the fantastic learning that has been taking place this week.

Whitkirk in action:

So many fabulous things are taking place at Whitkirk as we continue to take huge steps on our school improvement journey. One of the biggest differences so far has been how calm school feels, particularly first thing on a morning when children come into school and begin their early morning work whilst staff read with children on a 1:1 basis. Last week, a photographer came into school - take a look at some of the pictures he captured of Whitkirk in action.

Our new Scrapshed has been such a hit and it has been a pleasure to see our pupils playing together and working collaboratively to problem solve at lunchtime. A big thank you must go to Ms. Fletcher for implementing Scrapsheds!


You may have seen our new signs outside of school regarding dogs on the school premises. For health and safety reasons, dogs are not allowed on the school premises. Thank you for your continued support.


September colds and flu really seem to have hit this week but we are ensuring that we are washing our hands regularly and keeping our classrooms well ventilated. Well done to Y6RM, who are our attendance champions this week with 98.6% attendance. In second place is Y2KDi, who have achieved 97.1% attendance followed by YRLE with 96.7%.

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


What a busy, brilliant week! This week, our class text has been, 'The Colour Monster goes to School'. The children have thoroughly enjoyed retelling the story using a story map and comparing their experiences of starting school to them of the Colour Monsters! The children blew Miss Emery and Miss Sanderson away with their excellent labelling of illustrations from the text on Thursday and Friday! Their letter formation of 'm' for Monster was superb! This week the children started RWI sessions. They have impressed all members of staff with their concentration skills, reading and writing of our new sounds m,a,s,d and t. In maths, we have been counting objects up to 5. We have been singing songs to help us such as 5 currant buns and 5 little ducks! This week, we also read the story 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds. The story's motto is to, ' always have a go', even when you may find something a little challenging. The children were inspired by this, and created their own wonderful 'dot' creations that we have displayed in our creative area! We cannot wait to show parents are carers when we welcome you into the classroom for Stay and Play very soon!


We have had an exciting and busy week in Year 1. In Maths, we have been using numicon and counters to solve number sentences using addition and subtraction. We have been practising our story of 'The Little Red Hen' and began to change it into our own! 1JC have created a story of 'The Little Pink Pig' and 1JL have created the story of 'The Little Brown Horse'. We can't wait to get writing them! As part of our Science topic, we have been looking at different materials. So far, we have looked at: wood, plastic, metal, glass, water, rocks and bricks. The children have been great at sorting materials round school and thought of some fantastic adjectives to describe them. Well done for another great week Year 1!

This week, Year 2 have planted their own seeds and bulbs in Science and discussed what they will both need to become strong and healthy plants. In PSHCE, the children have explore different ways to say healthy and have designed their own fitness routines. In English, the children have designed their own extraordinary talk for writing story maps to retell the story with a twist.


Year 3 have had another great week! It has been so lovely to see all the children growing in confidence and independence, and truly shining as KS2 stars! In English, we have been learning all about subordinating and coordinating conjunctions and the Year 3 children have been amazing at using these within sentences to describe the setting from the Iron Man. We have also really enjoyed learning formal methods for subtraction and addition and we even used our new method to help us solve word problems today! Our highlight of the week has certainly been making our very own, delicious apple crumble! We used locally sourced apples to reduce the impact on the environment that importing food has. We certainly have some future contestants for Great British Bake Off! Well done Year 3, we can't wait to start more exciting learning next week!

Year 4 have amazed us in their writing this week! We set them the challenge to write a spooky description of Professor Erasmus' laboratory from Stitch Head. The words and phrases the children used certainly had a powerful impact on us! Their writing was great and the children certainly achieved their goal - to spook us! In Maths, the children have become much more confident with the written methods for addition and subtraction. Their fluency when using these methods has really impressed us! In Geography, we have begun our adventure travelling around Europe. This week, we learned the names and locations of many European countries. A super week of learning, well done Year 4!


In Year 5, we have had a brilliant week this week getting stuck into all of our learning both inside and outside of the classroom - really making the most of the September sunshine! As part of our topic, in Geography we have busy learning about lines of latitude and longitude. We then investigated where the Sun is strongest using torches and plasticine to assist our learning. Take a look at some of our learning below!

Another great week for Year 6 as we delve deeper into the life of Johnny Trott in our English novel, Kasper, Prince of Cats (Michael Morpurgo). As the plot thickens and Kasper makes a new friend, we are curious to see where this tale will take us! In Science we have been investigating the main parts of the heart and their functions (ask us which side is the left and right ventricle - it might not be what you think!). In Geography, we have compared North and South America looking at both the physical and human geographical features. Well done Year 6, you have shown perseverance and resilience that reflects your growth mindsets!

Stars of the Week

Have a fantastic weekend!

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