A Night at the Theater The divine: a play for sarah bernhardt

Spatial Experience
Here is a picture of my Divine program with the backdrop of the Constans theater.

As I first walked up to the Constans theater I actually could not find it at first and walked past the outside entrance. The doors that would consequently turn out to be the opening were dark and closed. Once I finally made my way inside I had to take a moment and pause to really take in the theater. I was definitely surprised to see the orange artwork hanging from the ceiling because I was expecting a more simple atmosphere to the theater. In addition, I also had the presumed in my head that Constans would be a single story building instead of the double storied structure that it is. I arrived at the play a little early, so the seat I was ushered to was near the front of the theater and in the middle of the row. I usually prefer to be able to pick my own seat and to sit near the aisle. While the lights dimmed I felt enthusiastic about what I was about to see but at the same time apprehensive on whether I would enjoy it. The idea of place in the 'good life' is utterly important because it is the arena of where of good life will take place. If the 'place' of the good life is not fit then it will affect everything. People will move across the country and sometimes even the world if they feel that they can achieve a better good life in another place.

  • Okonkwo, Camille. "Program in Museum". 2017. Jpeg.
Social Experience

I attended the play by myself after hiking up Museum road from a club meeting that was in the area. When I was searching for the theater I wasn't the only one and the gentlemen who was also scanning for the entrance ended up sitting next to me inside the theater. He is a football player, hence his outfit in our photo, and we were able to discuss before the play began what we could expect. To get primed for the play, I read over the assignment on Canvas and read through the program I was given upon my arrival as it had a study guide to help understand "The Divine". Even though I didn't know anyone going into the play I don't think it detracted from my experience. Sharing experiences is quintessential to having a good life. How do you know that you actually have good life if you don't have someone to share it with. Finding people to have shared experiences with can be some persons big goal in their life. Whether it is getting married or having kids making experiences shared with other is core to living a good life.

  • Okonkwo, Camille. "Camille & friend". 2017. Jpeg.
Cultural and Intellectual Experience
A quick selfie taken in the lobby of the Constans theater while waiting to be seated.

The central issue in the play is the arrival of Sarah Bernhart and her performance of a play that is thought to be scandalous. I did not know much about stage actors/actresses from the 1800's and 1900's before taking in the play. After watching The Divine I now feel like we should question authority more, especially if they say something is not right. I think making our own decisions about something is vital to knowing how it will truly affect our good life. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhart allowed me to reevaluate my own life right now, on whether what I say really effects change, or is it just talk. I must think of what actions I can actually do that will make a difference in the life of someone else. For example, I can talk about helping refugees, but unless I protest or donate money, my talk is just hot air.

Okonkwo, Camille. "Camille holding program". 2017. Jpeg.

Emotional Experience
Here is a picture of myself outside of the Constans theater after the conclusion of the play.

The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt gives us a way to come clean by giving us an insight into how our own society behaves. It gives us, the viewers, a way to be scolded gently for our faults by them being portrayed in a play format. In the scene where the cast is arguing and paying more attention to talking about what they would do instead of actually doing we get the feeling that they are really talking about our real life society and how we spend more time talking about problems instead of actually doing something about them. When the young boy dies as a result of their inaction I cant help but make present day connections to the USA and their inaction on helping refugees.

  • Okonkwo, Camille. "Camille outside of Constans theater". 2017. Jpeg.

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