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Black Lives Matter

The BLM Movement, has gotten many different people to join the movement and to add different ways to protest to it as well. They've Achieved the following:

  • Colin Kaepernick's Kneeling protest
  • An Increase in Body Cams for some States
  • Nationwide Protest and Gatherings
  • A Website
  • Developing a Message

In the BLM Movement, there are different uses of Collective Behavior such as, there are Crowd gatherings in the form of marches,but there are also Riots and Mobs that occur from these events. Some people even use these peaceful protests and make them look like riots.

Purpose of blm

BLM uses a form of Crowds, called Expressive Crowding and Acting Crowding, to get their points across. They meet and plan and show people what they want by having the phrase" Black Lives Matter" shouted wherever they gather. The Phrase "Black Lives Matters" has been seen as controversial and racial dividing ,but they continue to use it because it is a bold statement that will get people to listen.

Social Factors that have both stimulated and resisted the BLM Movement are ,but aren't limited to : Race , Class, Career or Occupation ,and age.

Life Cycle of BLM Movement


The Movement first took off when young 17-Year Old Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman and wasn't charged, and according to the site was created as " response to the anti-Black racism that permeates our society and also, unfortunately, our movements. "


With people using Social Media and the amount of killings of Unarmed Blacks in America, the hashtag spread quickly and soon the #BLACKLIVESMATTER hashtag was well known and talked about.

Bureaucratization and Decline

Currently, there is no paid leader or paid staff of the BLM , but there are notable leaders ,such as,Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, the creators of the Site and the beginners of the movement

So Far, the BLM Movement has been at a stalemate with so much confusion about the cause from outsiders , it is needing better understanding so that the movement itself has many more supports and many more actions taken by lawmakers and such.

Stonewall Riots

LGBT Movement

The Stonewall movement,was a riot in NYC that fought for the rights of LGBT people and against discrimination . It accomplished one of it's goals of Same-Sex Marriage recently and the Movement going on today for Trans people is still a struggle they face.

  • Stonewall Monument
  • Same-Sex Marriage

Stonewall used acting crowds to get people to listen and disrupted the city of New York to get their voices heard

protest from back than

Cycle of Stonewall Riots










Both Movements were(or are) successful and by using some really good tactics and planning have gotten they're messages across. Both trying to fight against what their groups feel they're being deprived of they came together and fought for their rights and beliefs. The Crows,Riots,and Mobs spread the word of their movements and they were able to accomplish they're goals (Some more than others) .

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Michael Lane


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