Camera Parts Inventory By:Becca Fischer


The casing of the camera protects the camera from being exposed to light. It also protects the parts of the camera from being damaged.


The shutter controls how long the film is exposed to light. And, it prevents the film from having too much light.


The lens redirects the light beams that bounce off the objects that the picture was taken of. The light beams come together and form an image on the film.


When the picture is taken, the light reflected off of the object comes through and strikes the emulsion and records the image. There are three layers of film for different colors; red, blue, and yellow. When an image strikes the film, it is sorted through the different colors and forms an image.

Flash Circuit

The gas discharge tube makes a short flash of bright light. When a photo is taken, it triggers the gas discharge tube.

Gas Discharge Tube

The gas discharge tube is a tube that releases xenon gas to create a flash. The gas discharge tube is triggered by the picture button. It conducts an electrical current by moving electrons from one electrode to another.

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