faith vs. doubt by karle campbell


Faith isn't planned, as it is not always produced.

Of Mice and Men

"'Course you did. Well, look. Lennie-if you jus' happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here an' hid in the brush,"(Steinbeck 15).

George and Lennie were a pair. However Lennie caused way to much trouble for George. George had always hoped for Lennie to not get in to trouble. He warned him, asked him, believed in him. However, in the end, Lennie ended up with a bigger problem than he or George faced. Lennie had killed Curly's wife, leading to his ultimate doom.


"'Why yes you can,' Elisa cried. 'I can put some in damp sand, and you can carry them right along with you. They'll take root in the pot if you keep them damp. And then they can transplant them,"'(Steinbeck 5).

Elisa was given false hope. The chrysanthemums were a symbol of Elisa. When the traveler began to discuss the flowers to her, she began to light up. This could be an opportunity for Elisa. She could see the world through the chrysanthemums and the traveler. However, these dreams were crushed. When she saw the roots on the side of the road, she new that her hope was misplaced.


"'This Little Frog should not be going to school. He can work; he can do marvelous things with his hands, but he cannot learn the simple little things of school. He is not crazy; he is one of those whom God has not quite finished,''' (Steinbeck 4).

Tularecito is a very peculiar child. His guardian, Frank Gomez, is a big believer in the Lord. This shows through when he speaks of Little Frog. He claims the Lord has not finished Little Frog, leaving him with deformities and issues. Frank places his hope in the Lord, praying for Tularecito not to be punished. However his prayers are not answered as Little Frog goes to an Asylum.

"The heart of Tularecito gushed with joy at his homecoming. All his life he had been an alien, a lonely outcast, and now he was going home," (Steinbeck 8).

Little Frog had very high hopes. From the beginning he was considered an outcast, a loner. When he heard the stories of the gnomes, he believed he could find his place in the world. However, that hope was falsely misplaced. Instead of a loving family to welcome him home, he was welcomed by faces of the insane.

Society's Views

How does this impact me?

Society is everywhere today. We live in a world where standards are thrown at you. Where being thin or sick is the norm. Well in a humane world, that perfect look is not always achievable. Though as Dove says, we are perfect the way we are. Now yes, all that was said before was an uplifting speech. However this does relate to faith vs. doubt. Society makes impossible standards for us to achieve. This of course leads to self doubt and self worth. However, there are ways that we lift ourselves up. Dove creates a whole new image for people, allow those impossible standards to be replaced with meaningful ones. Faith vs. doubt leads to the impossible, but hope leads to the win.


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Karle Campbell


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