The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Henry Dorking

The Spatial Experience

Walking into the theater, I was immediately drawn to the stage as the rest of the seating was in the dark. We arrived fairly early so we were able to get good seats in the front half on the left hand side. Getting in a good position for a viewing experience makes a difference in how you watch it. Having to strain you neck or lean one way to see a show can make you feel uncomfortable. The seats were snug so I was in a very relaxed mood even prior to the play start. It was similar in size and layout to that of my high school theater so I felt that I would enjoy the play because I was relaxed . The little details in life add up to create the sum of who you are.

The Social Experience

Originally, I had no plans to attend with friends. However, as the night progressed, I ended up going with four of my closest friends. These are people I have shared some of my best memories in college. I was able to relax more around these people and ask honest options about the play and what they thought so far. I knew they would provide a good conversation about the lay as well as idea/concepts that I very likely missed while I was watching. Having these sorts of experiences with friends can enhance your friendship and enhance your interpretation of the play. Having people you care about and that care about you in critical in having a happy and full life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Watching the play reminded me of the importance of being able to express your ideas without others trying to silence your voice. Any authority that tries to silence dissenting views realizes the impact of those views if they were to get out into the public eye. Everyone has the right to have their opinions heard and repression only leads to a greater rebellion. Competition helps foster the best ideas to win and ultimately help everyone advance. In a good life, a person should not have his or her ideas restricted, allowing them to develop help embrace whether are.

The Emotional Experience

Its very difficult for most of of us to be honest with who we are as a person. We try to avoid ideas and topics that could be damaging to our self-image so as not to appear with any faults when we are around others. The Divine deals with a central conflict between baroqueness(Sarah Bernhardt) and modesty(Catholic Church). What it brings to light is that suppression of ideas you disagree with is not a reasonable solution. Only by exposing yourself and certainly not limiting others to contradicting ideas can you hope to strengthen your own values. The worst that could happen would be that you change your mind about a preconceived notion because you find it more reasonable than your last stance. In a good life, you cant possibly expect to remain static in your ideas and personality your whole life.

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