Chandrabindoo Concert A Lipilekha Philanthropy event

So, finally it happened. After months of careful planning, late evening weekly calls and focused execution by all organizers and volunteers, Lipilekha finally hosted one of its largest fundraisers till date featuring legendary Bengali band Chandrabindoo (চন্দ্রবিন্দু). None of the roadblocks (financing worries, venue cancellation just weeks before the event) were big enough to stop the team from keeping a cool head and executing the planned strategy. So finally on Saturday 27-October 2018, the concert was finally staged in the auditorium at Pleasantville High School.

Pleasantville High School

Chandrabindoo band members arrived early afternoon

And soon got into sound setup starting 3pm

Organizers made sure the band members were provided with the appropriate equipment necessary for a high quality musical performance

Sound setup is impossible without cha. Organizers made sure tea was available as needed throughout the setup process to keep everyone awake and energized
By 5pm the auditorium was mostly ready for the final sound testing and the organizers ready to greet the audience with our special Bijoya brochure

Members of the community started arriving at the venue around 5:30pm to enjoy the evening. Below are some pics as everyone was waiting for the auditorium doors to open in order to get to their allotted seats. Last two pics in the below grid are of our strongmen guarding the doors in the meantime.

After making sure the sound and light setup was as good as possible, the evening started with a minor delay at 7pm. After a nice introduction by our Master of Ceremonies Sankha Ghosh and a wonderful performance by Shakuntala Sanyal, Chandrabindoo took the stage.

Lead vocalists Upal Sengupta and Anindya Chatterjee with Rajshekhar Kundu (drums), Surojit Mukherjee (guitar), Sibabrata Biswas (keyboard) instantly got the audience submerged in nostalgia with some of their notes from the past. These included hit numbers like Juju, Sweetheart, Dudh na khele, etc.

The audience created a special lighting effect with phone lights as the band sang Bhindeshi Tara.

The music eventually ended up bringing the audience to their feet and soon the auditorium became a dance floor

While singing ‘Hobe na Bhalo chhele’ the band suddenly realized that their Bhalo Chhele Chandril Bhattacharya was missing from the stage and invited him to take the microphone. The auditorium was soon filled with bursts of laughter in response to Chandril’s witty speech covering everything from Durga Pujo, Indo-US cultural confluence (awesome 👍), বাঙালীর ঘাড়ে ব্যথার কারণ as well as world politics and democracy. Mixed with relevant songs written by Chandrabindoo, the audience was indeed captivated by the diversity of the presentation.

Continuing with the great performance

With professionally managed sound/audio

Getting the audience involved all along

Soon it was time for a break after some brief remarks by Sankha Ghosh

And a quick speech by our Philanthropy Secretary Jyoti Nath detailing our plans

Back from the break, the tone is set right away

And the dance goes on

and on

driven by the band’s energetic performance

Audience in full dance mode

As we marched on towards the end of the show the music kept on getting better and better.

And finally everyone was on the stage

with old friends getting back

more participation from everyone

Felicitations as we reach the end of the evening, starting with our guest singer

Singer Shakuntala Sanyal was greeted by our General Secretary Monali Ghosh

and finally the entire band was greeted by Board member Titania Gupta

But obviously no one wanted such a beautiful evening to end so soon. WE WANT MORE.

And thankfully চন্দ্রবিন্দু obliged

And gave us more memories

The evening finally came to an end with closing remarks delivered by our Board Chair Sankha Ghosh and Lipilekha President Deep Gupta. A content smile from our cultural secretary Partha Choudhury confirms that the event was indeed a success.

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