The Mainsail Issue 4 2021 | Term 3 - Friday 3 September 2021



I recently had the pleasure of attending a national Zoom conference delivered by Anglican Schools Australia. The theme for this conference was ‘Intersection’. The idea that our paths cross for a reason and we then have opportunities to follow a new direction is one that underpins education.

Each day, students get to engage with a broad range of subjects and topics within-subjects, teachers with a passion for their subject, or activities that open up new horizons.

Students as young as Pre-Primary are exposed to a wide range of subjects that continue until Year 8. These crossroads at Year 8/9 signal the possibility of choosing one’s own pathway. Compulsory subjects need to move sideways as the specialist areas start to draw students to their areas of interest or passion. This intersection is the first of many.

The end of Year 12 will signal the next intersection. The choices of Year 9 and the effort of those last years of school may lead to fewer choices at the intersection than we had hoped for. Teachers and parents are on an endless battle to draw out the very best in their students/children and ensure these pivotal points in their lives are full of promise and opportunity.

Think carefully about these intersections in your lives. The moments that arise each day with your children, your family, your job. They all present opportunities. The difficult thing can often be trying to recognise when one of these potentially life-altering moments comes along.

I challenge you to try and recall all of the intersections that you passed through in your life to get you to this point. Even our very community at St James’ is a huge intersection of the decisions that brought us together.

We need to celebrate the strength that comes from our collective unity.

Mr Adrian Pree | Principal


How do you see yourself growing and interacting with those around you? This is what community is all about - the need to be a part of something and someone.

When we feel that we are included and accepted, we then feel happy and safe. This does not mean that everything should and will go our way. That is part of the growth we need to do. If we do not continue to grow, we can become stale and stagnant. As with most things, growth like change is not always easy or happy. That is when the community or communities we are a part of, become all the more important.

Most of us belong to several communities without even realising we are a member. For example, our families, schools, clubs or organisations, neighbourhood – whether you interact with your neighbours or not and the places we prefer to do our shopping. They are all places we feel safe in. That is when it becomes important for us, that is you and me, to make each of those communities safe for other people.

School is the one community we are members of that we have the feeling of belonging. The way we interact with each other, whether it is a student or staff member. Just as the uniform is an important part of showing the communities we belong to. That is why it is important to have pride in wearing and caring for it. If we do not wear it correctly, or with that sense of pride, others will think that it is a place where people do not feel they want to be, never mind belong. These are the things that make and help us to feel we are a part of this community in every sense of the word.

So, when you have pride in yourself, you will have pride in the communities you belong to. It is you, who will help make and grow better communities with love, understanding and care.

With every blessing

Reverend John Taylor | School Chaplain

From the Head of Junior School

'Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.' Helen Keller

Schooling is a long journey (14 years from Kindergarten to Year 12). It is a journey that is done best in partnership. A partnership between the parent(s), teacher and child. At St James’ it is always wonderful to see how the community comes together for the common goal of helping the education of the students.

This positive relationship is evident across the School on any given day. In the Early Learning Centre as you walk through the collaborative area there are always parent volunteers who help listen to the students reading. When incursions/excursions occur, there is never a shortage of parents wanting to come along to assist. Likewise, with the camp program from Year 2 to Year 6 we are blessed to have such strong support.

If you wander outside to the vegetable garden there is a growing team of helpers who work with the students and teachers to create a sustainable learning space. The Friends of St James' (FOST) committee is an active group where a variety of families come together to support the School, with the current planning for the Family Fun Fair being very prominent.

The community involvement extends to our students and encourages them to give back, as we help them to become young people who want to help make a difference in their world. Our younger years contribute by helping to maintain areas within the School boundaries, such as tidying bag racks, picking up litter, learning to use the recycling bins correctly or maintaining our veggie garden and outside classroom. As our students get older, they begin to help within our local community by picking up litter or helping to clean the local beach.

Thank you all for the support that you offer across the School, by working together as a community we really do help achieve so much for our children.

Mr Dan Mornement | Head of Junior School

From the Head of Senior School

St James’ Anglican School prides itself on being a deeply connected community. Through this connection, comes a sense of belonging, pride and a willingness to strive for excellence.

By working together, we increase the learning opportunities for all students, we become more inclusive, and we actively celebrate each other’s successes alongside our own. Through partnerships, we develop a trusted environment where we can challenge each other to be our very best selves.

A strong and vibrant community is also one which holds its members accountable to agreed values and expectations. We all share the responsibility, the custodianship if you like, of ensuring the St James’ Anglican School vision becomes a reality!

Mr Chris Hall | Head of Senior School

From the Friends of St James'

I can’t believe we are already in September. Where has the time gone?

The Friends of St James' hosted the Family Fun Fair Ticket Launch morning tea earlier this term and it was a big success. Not only did we sell a number of wristbands, but we also got to enjoy a hot coffee and treat from the Year 11 Hospitality students. It was great to see some familiar St James' faces and some new ones as well!

Father’s Day is almost here, and the little ones would like to say thank you to the Dad’s/Father figures in their lives. The Friends of St James' held the Father's Day stall in the Junior School earlier this week and we can not wait for you to open up their little goodies.

The Family Fun Fair is fast approaching, FUN FUN FUN! The Family Fun Fair committee has organised over 40 different market stalls, amazing rides and attractions including the SuperNova, an animal farm and pony rides.

Do invite your family and friends to come and enjoy the day at our beautiful school.

Mrs Sonet Coetzee | President

St James' Veggie Garden

The sunshine has been a very welcome change and the garden is starting to come to life.

We have our broccoli florets starting, lettuce and rocket ready for salads and sandwiches, radishes nearly ready for harvest with potatoes, tomatoes, leeks, strawberries, herbs all starting to take off.

The mulberry trees are starting to fruit, the everlastings and flowers beginning to bloom.

And the worm ‘tea’ that gets watered down before applying - has helped boost the vegetables into taking off.

The students have planted many seeds kindly donated by Chrissy, a Pre-Primary mum who donated 400 pots of Woolworth's seeds. The seeds are enjoying the warmth in the greenhouse and will be ready for transplanting in the coming weeks.

If anyone would like to volunteer and help the parent team maintain the garden, we appreciate any extra hands for weeding, planting and caring for the garden!

Mrs Nina Dorieux | Veggie Garden Volunteer

ELC working in partnership with Parents

On Wednesday 4 August, we had the privilege of hosting a Parent Workshop based on a program developed by Di Wilcox called The Magic Coat Program. Over 100 parents and community members came together to learn about the components of this outstanding program and how they can use it at home with their children.

Di Wilcox is a highly regarded parent and education expert that specialises in the area of preventative mental health for children. Most recently she won the 2020 United Nations WA Human Rights Award for her work in the development of The Magic Coat Program, a social/emotional well-being program for children. Di also works alongside The University of Western Australia and The Mental Health Association to advocate for the education of children in preventative mental health strategies.

During the jam-packed workshop, Di guided parents in helping their children to develop strategies to manage friendship and bullying issues.

Topics covered in the workshop were:

  • Helping your child to know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy friendship
  • Helping a child manage time on their own
  • Helping a child to resolve friendship issues
  • Understanding the difference between bullying and a friendship issue
  • Teaching a child to stand up for themselves

How to use The Magic Coat as a tool to build self-confidence

This was a wonderful support to work already being done by teachers in the classroom as they implement The Magic Coat Program with their students daily. This certainly supports our belief of ‘together we can do more'.

The podcast will be launched in September and a link will be sent to all schools.

Thank you again to all who attended this wonderful evening.

Mrs Edell Robertson | ELC Co-Ordinator

The Green Space Initiative

The Year 12 Business class recently created an initiative called The Green Space.

The idea of The Green Space is to collect cans and bottles that have the 10c logo on them. We have blue bins around the School that we use to collect the containers and cans.

Our publicity is increasing within the School community, and we are building our work skills through coordinating and improving the success of the initiative.

We would like to encourage all students and parents to bring in their cans from home or recycle the ones they bring to School, by placing them in the blue bins.

The drop off points are located at the Junior School reception, the kiss and drive at the back-car park and additional locations within the School grounds.

Imogen | Year 12 Business student

An Update from the Art Department

Some time ago now, you may have seen the Art team up to something on one of the sea containers. Well, here is an update on what the Art Department has been doing.

The Art Department has designed a landscape where the land meets the water. They even have the foxes appearing in the distance!

The next project will be completed as one of the activities included at the Family Fun Fair. The theme for this sea container is a continuation of the NAIDOC artworks completed earlier in the year. The St James' community; family, friends and local community will be invited to help complete the design using their hand-prints.

We can't wait to see the design from the Family Fun Fair. It will be a perfect reminder of the wider school community coming together to create a unique and interesting piece of art.

Ms Anna Fletcher | Head of Art

School Sport WA Primary Schools Cross Country Championships

On Thursday 12 August St James’ had nine students representing the school at the School Sport WA Primary Schools Cross Country Championships. This carnival is open to students from Years 3 – 6 from all over Western Australia and is the pinnacle event for our Cross Country runners.

Students who finished in the Top 5 at our NIPSSA carnival were invited to attend. From those invited, we had nine brave students take on the challenge. This was a very big and exciting day for our runners as they lined up on the start line ready to race up to 350 other young athletes. All of the St James’ students performed exceptionally well and the results are highlighted below.

Year 3

  • Evelyn Bastow 62/215
  • Imogen Gilhome 116/215

Year 4

  • Heyden MacDonald 33/300
  • Alex Kuiper 44/300
  • Ryder Dawson 129/300

Year 5

  • Harmony Pollard 129/ 346
  • Freddie Smith 14/300

Year 6

  • Grace Tomazin 40/333
  • Deagan Hopkins 39/278

A special mention must go to Freddie Smith who was invited to trial for the WA State Team for 2022 after such a stellar performance. This is a mammoth achievement and we look forward to seeing how you go.

A big thank you must also go to the parents and families of these students who took time out of their busy schedules to allow these young athletes to attend.

Congratulations runners for stepping up to the challenge and giving it a go. The PE department and St James' are very proud of you all.

Miss Mackenzie Huggins | Physical Education Teacher

School Sport WA Primary Schools Cross Country Championships Photo Gallery

2021 Anglicare School Sleep Out

On Friday 20 August staff and students from St James’ attended our third Anglicare Sleep Out. Out of the 26 students who fundraised for this event, 22 of them came on the night to experience what it is like to be homeless, trying to access government assistance and to sleep out at Optus Stadium.

Our students were amazing, they actively participated in the simulation activity trying to secure crisis accommodation, identification, financial assistance, food and clothing and saw how frustrating it is to be knocked back time and time again.

There were over 450 students that attended the night. Sleeping involved a large piece of cardboard. Luckily this year no rain and the weather wasn’t too cold. However, not a lot of sleep took place.

A huge thank you to the staff that attended the Sleep Out, Ms Sian Yates, Mr Ryan Marlow, Mrs Maryanne Wakefield, Mr James Parsons and Miss Mackenzie Huggins. Without your support, we could not have attended this event.

I hope this event inspires the students to see that they can make a change. Service Learning doesn’t stop when we finish school. It is only the beginning.

I am pleased to share with you, that St James' raised $5,597.00 an outstanding amount that will be donated to Street Connect.

Mrs Stacey Syme | Service Learning Coordinator

2021 Anglicare School Sleep Out Photo Gallery

Passport Awards

In the Junior School at St James’, one way we celebrate student achievement and acknowledge positive student behaviour is our Passport Stamps and Passport Certificate system.

To obtain stamps in Year 1 to Year 6, the students are commonly rewarded for the good behaviour that reflects and upholds the values that the we pride ourselves on. These stamps can be given by any member of staff and are most commonly given from the classroom teacher.

Certificates are awarded each time a student reaches a total of 15 stamps. Each time 15 stamps are gained the student receives a Passport Certificate. The different levels of Passport Certificates are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. There is also an opportunity to work towards a Diamond Certificate. Gold, Silver and Platinum Certificates are awarded during Chapel or assembly times.

The students are motivated each day to display behaviours and work standards that reflect their best efforts. Teachers not only verbally acknowledge this each day but also use the Passport Reward System to reaffirm what we hold true to the core of St James’.

It is always a highlight handing out these certificates to students.

Mrs Edell Robertson | ELC Co-Ordinator

Book Week 2021

What a fantastic week it was!

The Book Fair was a huge success, thanks to all who braved Tutanpreemun’s Pyramid of amazing artefacts from the ancient times of Mr Pree’s reign and entered the wonderful world of books.

We now have a healthy number of points to spend at the Scholastic store ensuring the library gets a boost of new and popular books for the students.

Congratulations also to the winners of the colour-in competition, who each received a $10.00 voucher to spend at the fair.

The Book Week parade was a sight to be seen with some amazing creativity being displayed. Well done to all who participated and congratulations to the class winners for their wonderful costumes.

To view a video of the Book Parade click here.

Ms Rachael Stone | Librarian

Book Week Parade Photo Gallery

Interhouse Senior School Athletics Carnival 2021

Tuesday 3 August saw the 2021 Senior Athletics Carnival take place at the home of the Orange Army under clear skies after rescheduling due to some extremely wet weather the week before.

The atmosphere was fantastic all day with music and support from House Bay Hill, personal bests and records tumbling, healthy competition between Houses and the dulcet tones of SJAS Director of Carnival Announcing Mr Ryan Marlow.

Our first ever Year 12s took full opportunity of setting records for their category, hopeful that they will provide a challenge for their peers to overcome in the future. It was a day of records falling as we numerous new records set, a fantastic achievement from our new record holders!

Some outstanding performances throughout the day were rewarded as Champions and Runners Up at the carnival’s conclusion. These were:

Year 7


  • Kayla Campbell
  • Lachlan Bidefeld

Runner Up

  • Sophie Cunningham
  • Harry Smith

Year 8


  • Kalani Pollard and Halle Richards
  • George Holmes

Runner Up

Mason Hastings

Year 9


  • Hayley Bidefeld
  • Brooklyn Eckert

Runner Up

  • Kiya Evans
  • Fintan McGrath

Year 10


  • Isabelle Read
  • Brady Jansen

Runner Up

  • Mia Stevenson
  • Matthew Van Den Ham

Year 11


  • Carys Davis
  • Joey Mellow

Runner Up

  • Liberty Boylan
  • Chris Clements-Jewery

Year 12


  • Trinity Della Bosca
  • Bradley Hounslow

Runner Up

  • Georgia Jansen
  • Liam Ridley

Congratulations to our award winners.

This year saw the first Blue Ribbon High Jump event with the top eight qualifiers for the boys and girls pre-carnival event from all ages. The event drew quite a crowd and provided a great spectacle.

Girls Blue Ribbon High Jump Winner

Mia Stevenson Year 10

Boys Blue Ribbon High Jump Winner

Matt Van Den Ham Year 10

Finally, the overall House points provided an incredible finish to the day with the results as follows;

Eglinton 18113

Sydney 14936

Twilight 14408

Cervantes 14179

Congratulations to Eglinton on a run-away victory. Their incredible level of participation proved to be the difference.

A final, massive thank you to the students, parents and staff who assisted in making the day a smooth operation and an enjoyable carnival.

Mr James Parsons | Head of Physical Education

Science Week 2021

What a week we had at St James' celebrating Science Week.

Science Week began with a meat-free morning tea provided by the Canteen and Hospitality students which reflected the theme of Food – Different by Design.

The Year 9 students completed a Scintillating Science quiz incursion during House Time facilitated by Murdoch University Outreach. While the rest of the Senior School were invited to complete an online quiz which was completed in PCG.

During their Science lessons, the Year 7 to 9 Science students learned about the effects of food farming on climate change. They calculated the carbon emissions of their chosen plate of food, measured the area of the science garden, created possible designs, and researched the types of plants that could be grown. They tasted edible flowers and even rocky road made with crickets and made beeswax food wraps to sell at the upcoming Family Fun Fair.

At lunchtime, with a large crowd of onlookers, Mr Grove imploded a large drum using only atmospheric pressure.

The Year 1 and 2 students were entertained with several science shows performed by:

  • Sarah Johnson (UWA pre-service teacher), who told an interactive story of Kenny the Snake using a chemical reaction to get him out of his bed.
  • Brooke Edwards (AKA Einstein), who made ice cream with dry ice.
  • Fin McKay taught the basics of carbon dioxide emissions and ran a fun activity saving planet Earth.
  • Sandy McKay performed various chemical colour change experiments with carbon dioxide (dry ice).

Years 3,4 and 6 students participated in an incursion from the Grubs Up presenter Paula Pownall who told the story of her insect farm and how they produce alternative proteins. The students enjoyed holding the insects and tasting the dry roasted crickets and mealworms.

Students in Year 5 had an incursion run by ECU pre-service teacher Kimberley Vaughan which was thoroughly enjoyed.

Year 10 created presentations aimed at persuading the Year 2s to make a change. These thought-provoking presentations encouraged the Year 2s to consider a carbon zero so that when they are in Year 10 in 2030 St James’ will be carbon zero with this topic studied in History and not Science!

The Year 12 Integrated Science students harvested their first Aquaponics crop of rainbow trout, carrots and coriander. Cooking up a storm to create tasty tacos.

I would like to thank the Science staff, lab technicians and special guests for their extra help to make it a successful week.

Watch out for more Science Shows at the Family Fun Day!

Mrs Elke McKay | Head of Science

Science Week 2021 Photo Gallery

Beeswax Wraps

In class for Science Week, we focused on sustainability and experimented with alternatives to plastic cling wrap.

In Australia, 2.5 billion kilograms of plastic waste is generated each year. To help spread awareness of this issue we decided to create some homemade Beeswax cling wrap from echo-friendly items.

We used a decomposable piece of fabric, Beeswax and Castor Oil. First, we melted the Beeswax and Castor Oil. We then dipped the fabric into the mixture and let it harden to create a water-proof fabric. Beeswax cling wrap is sustainable because it can be reused for up to a year. Once it is ready to be disposed of it, can be buried in your garden and will decompose after a few months.

On average plastic cling wrap can take hundreds of years to decompose. Beeswax cling wrap also helps your food stay fresh for longer, reduces waste and saves money.

Lily-May | Year 7 Student

2021 Volleyball WA School’s Cup

On Thursday 26 and Friday 27 August, 71 of St James’ finest Volleyball Specialist Program athletes competed at the 2021 Volleyball WA School’s Cup. This event is the biggest volleyball tournament in WA and this year over 250 teams competed.

St James’ had seven teams competing with athletes ranging from Year 7 – 11. The results from the St James' teams was exceptional.

  • Year 7 Girls – 9th in B Division
  • Year 7 Boys –9th in A Division
  • Year 8 Girls – 11th in B Division
  • Year 9 Girls – 7th in A Division
  • Year 9 Boys – GOLD in A Division
  • Year 9/10 Girls – 7th in B Division
  • Year 9/10 Boys – 5th in B Division

A special mention to Praise Ndoricimpa from Year 9 who was awarded the MVP for the Year 9 Boys A Division!

A huge thank you to Christelle, PK, Hannah and Ella for giving their day to help out across multiple venues. Thanks to the staff and parents for their ongoing support of the athletes involved in the Volleyball Specialist Program.

Mr Ryan Penno | Specialist Volleyball Coach

2021 Philosothon

Six St James’ philosophers are gearing up for the annual ‘Philosothon’ in Week 9.

This prestigious competition is held at the University of Western Australia each year. Students must ‘philosophise’ on four questions with like-minded thinkers from 23 other schools and have been practising since Week 1 of this term.

St James' students include Nirronto (Year 7), Mason (Year 8), Seb and Sasha (Year 9), Isaac (Year 10) and Isobel (Year 11).

The students are excited to be a part of this competition for the first time; very green, very keen and what happens… it shall be seen!

Miss Hannah Killow | Humanities Teacher

ASC Biennial Concert

Over the past three months, the St James' music students have been attending weekly rehearsals including their weekends and after school to prepare for the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) biennial Concert.

The ASC biennial Concert combines the schools in the Anglican Schools Commission and invites professional conductors, and commissions composers to bring one of the most spectacular concerts in secondary schools in Perth.

The event will take place tonight at the Perth Concert Hall.

Ms Tracey Cooke | Head of Music

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