Title by Jennifer German

The family wished for a tidy house,

say the sparkling granite countertops;

however, the dust covered boxes stacked on the chest

in front of the bare wall hints that

there are still things to be sorted, and

the pile of curtain panels tossed in the chair sighs-

some things must wait. The wait is long-

retorts the leaning curtain rod still boxed

beside the shade draped windows brightly lit with sunshine.


Sit. Invites the dancing fire surrounded by family photos

above the mantle. Nap urges the soft, fuzzy blanket

and down filled pillows of the comfy couch

warmed by the fall sunshine.

Relax tempts the soft gray walls

around the sunken jetted tub

with the bronze faucet.


Sadly, Thanksgiving is over grumbles the Tupperware

stacked tightly in the packed refrigerator;

the mountains of papers

whimper that there is work to do.

Seventeen days, whispers the digital calendar

crowded with events and duties

calling the family back to work and school.


Created with images by Alexas_Fotos - "spice rack cooking spices" • condesign - "book book gift by heart" • Unsplash - "box memories photos"

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