Adobe Systems Inc. Financial Analyst and Data Scientist

About Adobe

  • Adobe creates, markets, and services software products and technology.
  • Adobe was founded in San Jose, California in 1982.
  • Adobe is a very large company employing over 15,000 worldwide.
  • Adobe offers a wide range of job opportunities including design, finance, and a legal staff.

Adobe Offices

The innovative lobby inside of a main Adobe corporate office.

Company Culture

  • Adobe's Mission statement: Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences.
  • The company searches for analytical thinkers, creative minds, and teamwork driven performers.
  • They appeared on Fortune's list of best places to work 14 consecutive years.
  • Adobe provides genuine opportunities for internal mobility and job growth.
  • They offer winter and summer breaks, along with flexible vacation hours.
  • Employee stock purchasing programs and financial perks are also offered.

Adobe Locations

Adobe features 8 major office locations within the biggest cities of the U.S.

Corporate Financial Analyst Position

  • The finance team does more than just go over numbers; They work with a variety teams to further the businesses operations and help diversify your own skills.
  • You are given opportunities to implement your best financial ideas and receive exposure to top executive members.
  • A rotational program is in place for young hires that includes opportunities with the deal desk, risk and assurance, and financial planning.

Adobe's Data Sector

Adobe provides a great opportunity to connect my interest in data with business operations.

Data Scientist Position

  • Adobe hosts one of the largest data collection programs in the world.
  • Two thirds of Fortune 500 companies are Adobe's clients, including Nissan, MasterCard, and Hyatt.
  • Data scientists analyze problems, draw inferences, and bring business theories to life.

Why Adobe is right for me

Adobe is a company that fits my working preferences and would allow me to excel as a young employee.


  • Although it is an international corporation, Adobe values its employee experience and emphasizes mobility within the workplace.
  • The company provides a great range of cross-functional positions and encourages interaction between teams.
  • The type of creative and cutting-edge company I would love to develop my finance and info systems skills within.


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