Mr. V's Dream Cottage By Cyriak M. Koenig

At first I've figured that the cottage shouldn't have any crazy shape like a circle or a triangle, so I made it a square. The length is 12m and the side is 8m, so it adds up to 96m2. In the cottage there are 4 rooms: 1 Master Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Guest Bedroom, a Kitchen and a Living Room which expands to a hallway.

My Birds Eye BluePrint

When I designed my Master Bedroom, I wanted it to have big windows. I was also not sure what shape my roof should be but at the end I made it a rectangular prism.

My Front View and Side View BluePrint

After I have finished design my blueprint, I now needed to make a 3D model on Tinkercad. This activity involved making the inside, doors, windows and walls.

After I have built base of the cottage, I started making the roof of the building. With a simple triangular prism.

The Roof of Mr. V's Cottage

Like every cottage there are some bills so I calculated the cost of: painting the cottage, putting on shingles and the heating bills for a month.

  • The cost to paint the cottage in a celestial blue color is 20 euros per 40 square meters.
  • The shingles cost 90 euros per 10 square meters.
  • And for the heating the bill is 1.50 euros per cubic meter.
My Calculations
  • Can of Paint costs: 60 Euros
  • The shingles cost: 990 Euros
  • The Heating for 1 month costs: 192 Euros
  • Overall cost: 1242 Euros

Thank You For Listening!

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