MYP Television Unit CAMEra 2- Cai Rose Verderese

Role Application

This is the application I had used to apply for a role that I wanted. I see now, after I gave the role application in, that it is too informal for the purpose.

The TV Production script

The TV production script was made by Jeremy Wong and I did not have part within the script making however once looking at it whilst filming I had suggested at the end scene because it stated that the camera 2 was going from wide shot to close up without a pause or break in between.

Research for roles, Make Examples

There are 3 cameras, depending on what type of live show, for a make most of the time there will be 2 cameras, one on each side, than one in the middle. The two on each side are mostly for closeups shots and to show what the presenter is doing in the video. The camera in the middle is also incase one of the cameras on the sade are not in position, because the two cameras are usually hand held to get closer and zoom in to show what is happening.

The visual appeal is created by having close up side angle video, and the appeal target is people who want to try new things and people who want to try new ways of food. Visual appeal is created by having close up side angle video, and the segment of the show is branded as a make because it is showing the audience how to create something. Organisation is key for makes, this make had done really well and this organisation creates smooth transitions so that the make is not stopped by needing to cook or create new dough because they had it pre-made before hand. the Table includes pre-made examples of the make final product to show what it should look like once the make is completed, and creates appeal if the final example intrigues the viewer. The ingredients are listed at the start, before they did anything else. An animated cut scene was created showing the measurements of the ingredients that were needed. The identity of this program is not only said by the people but has and because the show was "blue peter" they used blue food coloring to make the food blue. In terms for the graphics elements used to communicate the 360 degree commissioning they used 3 cameras all at different angles around the table and using a wide variety of close ups, wide medium shots and wide close up shots. There are 2 presenters, one is explaining how to do it and another is doing what the other presenter is explaining. They are both dressed in causal clothes but have an apron on top, signifying their audience is one that likes to cook or one who likes food, and they connect with the viewers by saying "we" as a term of saying one we all mix it, suggesting the viewers at home are preparing what there make is showing. the tone of both presenters are excited and the style of language they use is simple so that the viewer understands both presenters. The language that they use tries to persuade the viewer into making this by making it easy to comprehend and follow along, and the techniques that are used to condense the time needed to do the make involves having the dough pre-done, or having the final example of the make pre-done so whilst the one they made is in the oven. They break it down into making the dough, putting it into the pan and cooking the pizza cupcakes in the oven.

Analysis on the TV show, Suits

Suits is based at a law firm

This is the final "Make" that me and my group made, my role was camera 2 and the backup camera if one of the other two cameras were not in position or if something when wrong in one of the cameras. For our make we needed, paper/card board, paint, water, a bowl, dish soap and a straw, we had many tries before getting this, which was the best one.

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