Cold Animals Reception - 2017

There are lots of animals all over the world. Some live in trees, some live in water, Some live underground. But some live at the top of the world where it is very, very cold.

Polar Bears

Polar bears like to swim in the icy sea. They have thick fur and skin to keep them warm.

They are very good swimmers!

They eat seals.


Penguins like to jump in and out of the sea!

Penguins are birds that cannot fly. Their wings are better for swimming.

Penguins spend most of their time in water hunting for fish, but come on to land to lay their eggs.

It is the daddy penguin that looks after the egg.

Arctic Fox

Their big ears mean that they have very good hearing when searching for food - Lemmings.


They have thick, white fur to camouflage it again the snow. In summer, when the snow melts, the fox's fur turns brown.

Harp Seal

Seals live in cold places where it is snowy and icy. These seals live at the very north of the world. The seal pups have white fur to camouflage them against the snow to protect them.

When they grow up, their white fur falls off, leaving a smooth skin.

What other cold animals can you think of?

Snowy owl





Beluga Whale

Created By
Nathan Armstrong


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