The Negro Baseball League the story of negro league baseball

The beginning

It all began in the 1920s the Negro baseball league.A baseball league for African American baseball players because people who where African American where not allowed to play in the major league.

African American baseball players were not allowed to play in the Major league so they made there own league.

The first African American baseball player Jackie Robinson played in the negro league,did you know that there is a negro league baseball hall of fame!

``I don´t break bats,son.I wear them out.´´quote from Josh Gibson,catcher for the Homestead Grays.

``Baseball got me outta that celery field.´´quote from John Jordan ``Buck´´ O`Neil first baseman for the Kansas city Monarchs.

How life for African Americans in the early 90`s

There life was hard using broomsticks for bats and rolled up towels and cans as baseballs and having to deal with racism and not being treated well by white people.

The negro league started to get less and less popular when Jackie Robinson went to the Major league with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945. It soon ended shortly when Jackie Robinson made it to the Major league.

The Negro baseball league made a big change by giving African American baseball players the right to play baseball in the Major league and made a big change in segregation and in baseball.

Sighs made by whites to segregate African Americans and whites during the Jim Crow laws.


Nelson, Kadir. We Are the Ship The Story of Negro League Baseball. New York: Jump at the Sun, 2008. Print.

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