Digital Accessibility Bingo. Things said or implied at meetings when someone mentions the “A” word. Scroll down to read list. Twitter @Digi_ren if we have missed any.

  1. We have been meaning to do it for ages!
  2. Our users don’t need it.
  3. We would love to but we don’t have time.
  4. We can’t spare anyone to deal with this.
  5. There is no budget for this.
  6. It will destroy the nice design of our website/ animation/ film.
  7. We’ll do that with the next website/ animation/ film.
  8. People with disabilities aren’t in our target demographic.
  9. There is no one here that knows about this sort of stuff.
  10. We’re stuck with our website and we can’t change it.
  11. We have lots of other things to sort in our business/organisation first.
  12. That’s just political correctness!
  13. Someone’s making a fortune out of this accessibility thing.
  14. We can make it accessible at the end.
  15. We have deadlines to meet.
  16. We’ve got it covered. Our website has a button that allows you to change the font size.
  17. I’m sure our web developer looks after that.
  18. Its too late to add accessibility.
  19. It looks big enough/OK on my screen.
  20. It would make us fail accessibility standards.
  21. We can't do everything, and if we only do a bit we will get sued, so we are better off doing nothing.
  22. People don’t look at websites on their phones.
  23. No one really uses the website. Every things on social media now & that’s accessible.
  24. Next month!

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