the rise of hitler by: niyah crowe

LONDON, May 11th: the British government soon will be able to provide every man, woman, and child, in England with a gas mask within eight hours in a emergency.

thursday, may 12th: Adolf Hitler had made some great promises and had such great confidence at the poll after getting 3/4 majority votes. now he and his men are starting work

Monday, may 16th: today he rooted out the leaders of the communist party and loosened the millions of deluded Germans from the grip of Moscow control.

Wednesday, may 18th: this is the day Hitler put people to work on new projects and by start running the factories. the army became unemployed and began to diminish under the epoch-making measures.

Friday, may 20th: the stringent laws immoral practices were eliminated and stage performers in theaters and night establishments were forced to cover the nudeness of their bodies.

Monday, may 23rd: churches were forced out of political fields of activity and Hitler told them "you preach the gospel in the pulpits and take care of all religious matters in which we will not interfere"

Thursday, may 26th: the dozen of youth organizations were unified and placed under direct leadership of the government which took away the right from churches to shape the trend of thinking of the youth

Saturday, may 28th: in the field of industry and commerce a lar=borers organization was created in which employers and employees are combined, which supersedes the dozen of unions and all their property was taken over by his new workers front.

Tuesday, may 31: the government now has 30,000,000 masks ready for distribution to local authorities, who will keep them under proper conditions until it is thought necessary to distribute them to the public. The production of masks is continuing at the rate of 500,000 a week.

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niyah crowe


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