Evolved Lovers Shibari / Rope Play

Women’s Nude Shibari

Join us on a journey which will explore the art of shibari in a new light. Introducing Perth’s first nude shibari, channeling the essence of sexuality as you open the doors to release shame, guilt, sorrow, fear, self loathing and grief and converting pain into pleasure. Regain your erotic core and the embodiment of your sexual self and life force.

This workshop will eliminate all body shaming, allowing all women of different shapes and sizes to fully embrace their differences and fall in love with oneself. With the celebration of differences, and excitement of rope connection and sensory play, this workshop is perfect if you’re looking for your sexual awakening.

If you’re looking for something new to enhance things in the bedroom, this Japanese inspired technique is as powerful as it is beautiful and elegant.

Shibari is more than just “bondage”, it is not all about darkness, the roles known as dominate and submission. It is also lightness which is acknowledged as one of the deepest forms of intimacy, a sensual & erotic meditation that allows you to experience self-surrender and explore power dynamics between giving and receiving, taking and allowing. Transform and develop a deeper and more intimate connection with your lover through mind body and soul with these Japanese inspired technique.

More than just “bondage”, Shibari allows you to experience self-surrender and explore power dynamics in an intimate and highly erotic setting.

Created By
Candice Brown


Candice Anne Photography