Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Samantha Singer

The Tropical Rainforest

This exhibit captured my attention right away. As I walked into the main hallway, butterfly structures were scattered on the ceiling and colored the walls. Then we went into the live butterfly Tropical Rainforest atrium, and I was amazed at what I saw. It felt as if I was in a separate world or country and butterflies, birds, and beautiful plants and flowers everywhere. My favorite part was that when I was about to leave the exhibit, a black and blue butterfly landed on my hand as if to say good-bye.

Left: "Andean Festivals" Middle: "Doughty Folk Art Collection" Right: "Huichol man's outfit, Nayarit, Mexico"

The Andes and Mesoamerica exhibit provided me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. You could see how hard the Andes people worked with their resources to make clothing, straps, coin purses, etc. They also were very fond of Model llamas that played an important role in their lifestyle. They would make them for festivals and give them to children. The children would make dolls and ceramic sculptures from the Puno region of Peru. Other people in this exhibit were awed at their creations and way they conquered the land. The way the Andean people created sculptures and honored their animals instilled in me an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagined.

People and Environments of South Florida

I really connected with this exhibit because I am from South Florida, and wanted to experience and learn its natural history. I always knew that the Seminoles used to inhabit our land, but I never realized how much production was actually done. They wove baskets to carry items and to fish, made colorful clothing and beaded bags that influenced the materialistic industry, created sculptures to scare off enemies, and made tools like "arrow-heads" to hunt with. This truly made me appreciate the small things in life that I take for granted, and appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world.

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