Christine Darden by cobe mager

Early Life

  • Born Sept. 10 1942, North Carolina
  • Youngest of 5 children
  • Born to Noah Horace Sr. an insurance agent and Desma Chaney Mann a elementary school teacher


  • Winchester Avenue high school ( Monroe, NC )
  • Allen High School ( formerly the Allen High School for negro girls) ( Asheville, NC )
  • Graduated Allen in 1958
  • Hampton Normal and Agriculture institute ( VA )
  • 1962 recieved B.S. Degree in mathematics
  • Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics from Virginia state 1967
  • D.S. degree in mechanical engineering with a specialty in fluid mechanics from George Washington University 1983


  • 1962 - 1963 she was a mathematics instructor at Russell High ( Lawrenceville, VA )
  • 1964 - 1965 she taught at Norcom High School ( Portsmouth, VA)
  • Data-analysis for NASA
  • 1973 Promoted to Aerospace engineer
  • 1989 appointed as the technical leader of NASA's sonic boom group


  1. A committee of 12 volunteers embarked on a mission to change the face of U.S aviation 95 years ago
  2. They only had a budget of $5,000
  3. The national advisory committee of Aeronautics was established by Congress ( March 3rd, 1915)
  4. NACA morphed into NASA in 1958
  5. The nation's best Aeronautics engineer's had established world-class laboratories
  6. NASA won 5 Collier trophies the greatest honor in aviation
  7. There are no production airplanes anywhere in the world that don't rely on some of NACA's research

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