Overcoming Adversity By: Gloria Ditommaso

Adversity is, difficulties in life that you face or overcome.

On the left is a picture of cancer cells. On the right it shows a picture of a bike rider who is riding for a fundraiser. Like Jeff did for Tadd.

Part 1. Adversities As Children


The major adversity Jeff faced when he was young was, Cancer(Leukemia).He got this when he was 4. It was hard for his parents. He overcame this challenge by, going through treatment. Some survivor traits he shows as a character is, Brave, Friendly, Caring, Helpful, and emotional.


1. " Oh.good lord,Jeff, don't go getting all emotional on me. I've been getting it from my Mom,Dad,Sister and the Mailman."

Explanation: Jeff has been friends of Tadd's for ever and he does not want to loose him, so he is showing he cares.


The major adversity that Tad faces when he was young was, having cancer from a Brain Tumor. Tad would have shortness of breathe and he would not be able to walk. Tad overcame this challenge by, going to treatment and to go to school with people who are staring and dissing you. Some survivor traits are, brave, and sarcastic.


1. " Now put your big-boy pants on and do another set of curls."

Explanation: Tad is trying to change the conversation so Jeff wont get worried when Tad dies.

This is a grid of all the types of cancer kids could get and Tad had a Brain Tumor and Jeff had Leukemia and Jeff had the most common disease. Tad had the 2nd most common disease.

Part 2: Adversities in 8th grade


In 8th grade Jeff's adversity he faced is, his friend Tad gets cancer and dies. The Statewide is another adversity but not that much of one. Some steps the character (Jeff) took to overcome this adversity is, to walk across stage for Tad and to take care and play games with Yvonne. Also for Jeff to visit Tad's grave and walk at graduation for Tad.


1. "Yes we do. Uh I think maybe we shouldn't spend time together out of school until after the statewide.

Explanation- So Jeff could study and Lindsey could study so they can't see each other until after test.

2. " He threw a #2 pencil at me. Then he busted out a pack of flash cards and stared dealing."

Explanation- Tad really wants Jeff to go to high school with him so he is pushing Jeff to study hard.


The adversities Tad faces when he in 8th grade is getting cancer again. Jeff was so mad when Lindsey, Tad and the parents knew and never told him. Some steps Tad overcame this was to go to the hospital for treatment and to go to your pediatrician to get checked out. Bone marrow transplant failed-Did a beau geste to be remembered.


1. " Oh, son", Tad's mother said, "Don't you remember what evenings were like when you were in treatment?"

Explanation- No, one told Jeff that Tad had a cancer and relaped, so when Jeff heard that Tad had cancer he was confused.

2. "In treatment, Treatment?"

Explanation- Tad had cancer again that's why he was absent and not going to school for days and weeks.

Part 3:


The theme for this story is: "To Never Give Up." We can see this because threw out the book Jefferey was not giving up, threw difficult tasks, like the statewide, and when he was determined to walk across the stage for Tad.


1. " This is your beau geste, Jeffery. You can do it And very gently she pushes me forward.

Explanation- Jeff never gave up for the statewide so he walked on stage for Tad.

2. "I forced my shoulders back. I keep my chin up. I can almost hear Tad say put your big-boy pants on D.A."

Explanation- Jeff walked across the stage for him and Jeff accomplished it for Tad. Jeff was brave.


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