Zero Limits 2011 - "Roads to Eden"

One of the most significant moments on the Quest was during 2011, when I first encountered the book 'Zero Limits' by Dr. Joe Vitale and it's connection to the sacred teachings of Grandmother Kauai.

I was living in the Shire of Ashland at the time, and was frustrated, feeling as though I were trapped in a particular reality, and could not see a way out. I had money, yet was unable to find a place to live. Vague ideas of creating a community house for the fae moved through me, yet truly, I did not wish to stay in the Shire any longer. Kindly, sanctuary was granted by one of the priestesses, yet such was not an ideal circumstance for myself or my beloved wolf companion, North.

It was an intense environment, on a street called 'Clay', which I darkly joked was the 'house of human clay', in which the beings who lived there were yelling at each other and in disharmony. I did not feel comfortable in such an environment, yet did not see any other option, though I looked around, on craigslist and other means of divined opportunity, nothing seemed to come up. As with so many other parts of the Quest, I knew I had to do something, to change the circumstance. I just didn't know what.

It was at this time that a text came to me through a search on Amazon, a tome called 'Zero Limits'. In it, Dr. Vitale discussed a technique called 'ho'oponopono', which was supposedly used by a psychiatrist named Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len to transform and heal the consciousness of a series of dangerously insane patients at a mental hospital. At first I questioned it, but such carried the sacred vibration of Grandmother Kauai, and such things are not to be ignored.

What made the technique so profound was that instead of directly engaging with the patients, Dr. Len would sit in his office, gaze at the charts and depictions of the patients, and perform the ho'oponopono technique on his own Self. According to the text, through this action, the patients actually got better. That as he cleared and cleansed the qualities within his own Self, those things 'outside' of him changed as well.

This was profound. The idea that by cleaning one's own Self, by taking responsibility for and cleansing one's own inner relationship with 'others' could bring about healing suggested something extreme to me that would transform my own approach to healing on a fundamental basis, forevermore. Such would be the first steps in my understanding that there is no separation, that we are all part of the same organism of consciousness, and that when we clear our own Self, we clear 'others' as well.

Clearing the Way

Wishing to see the results of this technique, I immediate applied it to my circumstance. Feeling the energies of disharmony within the space, I took personal responsibility for them, and began clearing my own Self, invoking the forgiveness. Soon, a vision came to me, to look on craigslist for a place to live in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Checking the listings, I saw a house, a circular house, on top of a mountain, in the sacred canyon of Topanga. A listing for conscious, healthy individuals to live ... exactly what I was looking for.

Elated, I took North and went for a walk into the mountains nearby. There, in perfect synchrony, I ran into Ra Ra Avis and Solus Soulsinger, allies of mine within the Shire. And, as fate would have it, Ra Ra actually KNEW the house I was speaking about. Realmsign. Immediatley, I began making plans to leave, to head southward towards the Summerlands of California.

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