Danke Ohne sie geht nichts.

DANKE für's morgendliche Wecken Ihrer Kids.

DANKE für's Tränen trocknen, wenn es mal nicht so läuft...

DANKE für's Motivieren!

DANKE für's zuhöRen unD Zusammenhalten!

DANKE fürs Weitermachen (auch wenn einem ab und zu alles über den Kopf wächst).

DANKE für den täglichen Kampf mit der Technik...

DANKE für die Beharrlichkeit und Disziplin.

DANKE dafür, dass Sie Ihren Humor nicht verlieren

DANKE für's "Übersicht-Behalten".

DANKE für die Geduld (auch wenn's mal kompliziert wird).

DANKE für all die Farben, die sie Ihren Kindern mitgeben. Schule ist nur eine davon...

DANKE für die Zusammenarbeit und das Vertrauen in uns Lehrer.

Gemeinsam schaffen wir das!

Das Kollegium der Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule

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bianca hempel


Erstellt mit Bildern von Hanny Naibaho - "thanks postcard and latte" • Kinga Cichewicz - "This is very important - to take leisure time - peace is the essence. Stop entirely sometimes and do nothing at all. If you don’t your going to loose everything. Just doing nothing is very very important. How many of you do this ? I bet very few of you. By not stopping to just do nothing we get very angry, frustrated, we go totally mad. Just stop. BE. SEE. FEEL. BE. This girl reminds me of this anytime I see here !! Hey, so I honestly love having my friends over. And I truly think that ppl look most beautiful when just woke up." • Kat J - "Tears for the loss of a beloved family member." • Vek Labs - "Thanks for all the love with this photo. If you are looking for further photography or design work, feel free to contact us @ info@veklabs.com Peace n Love, The VL Team A 4am shot in Roma, Italy when there were no cars on the road. Always move forward." • Priscilla Du Preez - "untitled image" • ahmad gunnaivi - "Asian people who are stressed" • fancycrave1 - "computer notebook coffee" • Minh Pham - "untitled image" • Marcela Rogante - "Home" • Kelly Sikkema - "Ideas waiting to be had" • JESHOOTS.COM - "untitled image" • Kelli Tungay - "Back to School" • Aarón Blanco Tejedor - "In my profession a lot of people ask me where I am coming from. If I have time I explain them that I come originally from that place we call Spain, but that I don’t feel Spanish, I just feel a citizen of the world, a person, a human being… that I don’t see nationalities, I see people, and that the people that are trying to do “good” in this world they are my brothers, no matter where they are coming from. We are just a humanity, and any other category is limiting for starting to think about commonwealth and peace. Ying yang, the unity." • Olena Sergienko - "strawberries, flowers and cheesecake on the table; flatlay"