#LaudeInFocus December 2020

Message from the Principal

Dear families,

What a term it has been! When I look back to the 3 September and remember the children coming back onto the school campus for the first day of term, I just cannot help but smile. Without the staff and children the school is really just a very beautiful building. But as soon as we add laughter, learning and day to day chatter it suddenly becomes the most amazing place to work and study.

We are blessed that all of the families, students and staff have adapted so well to the new Covid protocols. All of the team members have worked very hard to make this happen. The cleaners sanitising the door handles, toilets and classrooms throughout the day, to the admin team making sure we have enough Covid supplies to meet our considerable needs, to the teachers making sure that the children follow the protocols at all times of day. It has re-united us in school and is enabling us to continue to help the children work towards their dreams. Whilst sadly many schools in Spain and in other countries around the world are facing whole school or year group closures and have reverted to online systems for extended periods of time, so far we have managed to maintain the on campus provision. This is so vital for the physical and mental health for every member of our community, because we all need the daily ritual and human contact that school provides.

December has given the children across the school the opportunity to enjoy many events and activities. I have particularly enjoyed watching the Danzart performers record the Christmas dances across the campus.

A huge thank you to Ms Guanieri for leading this group and to all of the Extra- Curriclular staff for helping to bring a sense of normality to the school day and giving the students the chance to enjoy their hobbies again. From football to chess, karate to fencing, chess to robotics; it really has been a wonderful extension to the learning days.

I hope that you will take a few moments to read about the December events across the school and learn more about the enriched curriculum that the children have enjoyed.

Whilst the holiday plans for most families will have changed I know that the children and staff are looking forward to a well-deserved rest and spending time with their loved ones. We will all need to be aware of making a safe return to campus in January and thinking about reducing risks in the days prior to the start of term on Thursday 7 January. I know that you will all take great care at that time.

My sincere thanks to all of you for your kind words, support and understanding as we have learned together how to thrive in this new learning environment. As Albert Einstein said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” and this is reflected in the work of all the staff and children this year – I am so proud of them.

To finish this end of term letter, I would like to share with you this very interesting civic safety guide for Covid-19 prevention, that I hope will help us all to prevent the spread of coronavirus during the Christmas season.

On behalf of all of the staff I wish you and your loved ones “A Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year”.

Fond regards,

Message from the Head of EYFS and Primary School

Having now reached the end of the first term, it is a pleasure to reflect on everything achieved within the “new normal” we are experiencing, and the overwhelming resilience of our young learners. Whilst there have been lots of new rules to learn, this has not stopped the engagement and creativity of students and staff and the willingness to go above and beyond.

As we start the new term in January, one aim is to improve our communication with families, involving you much more in understanding what is happening in school and how the children are learning. As such we will be running virtual “workshops” in both English and Spanish to target key areas of information relevant for the different parts of the EYFS and Primary school. The learning journey of the children is part of a triangular relationship between us, families and the children themselves, and we want to strengthen this even further.

I send my warmest wishes for a safe and happy holiday, and the hope that the new year brings a sense of normality.

Nicky de Comarmond - Head of Primary

Early Years

With what feels like a blink of an eye we have come to the end of the schools first term. We have thoroughly enjoyed observing and tracking each child’s achievements and I’m sure the parents of the EYFS children will enjoy reading their learning journals so far.

This month we had a lot of fun practicing our dance and poems for the Christmas show and making all our wonderful Christmas crafts.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year from the EYFS team.

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1, we embrace opportunities to teach our students the value and importance of cooperation, which also links to one of our Laude values - unity. This year we have all faced challenges, and there have not been as many opportunities to work cooperatively as we’d have liked, however, we have been creative in our solutions and there have been occasions when our students have demonstrated how well they are able to cooperate.

Children have worked together with their teachers to adapt well to new routines. At playtimes, they have learned how to play safely and collaboratively alongside their friends. In science, our students have worked together with great care and consideration when conducting investigations. In English, in our ‘Talk For Writing’ work, children have learned and retold model text which has required cooperation with their teachers to listen carefully and learn actions, and with their classmates to keep up the same pace, when retelling texts. In music children also worked cooperatively to learn a song in sign language, making sure they kept up the same tempo.

"What children can do together today they can do alone tomorrow" - Let Vygotsky

In year one, opportunities are provided regularly in the continuous provision area. Children cooperate when sharing equipment, role playing, and in activities that help them get better in their learning, as well as supporting each other.

As we approach Christmas, the children in year one and two have also taken part in choreographing and performing a dance to a festive song, and current guidelines did not prevent us from doing so safely and cooperatively.

"The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation" - Bertrand Russell

As teachers and parents, together we have also worked hard to cooperate during these challenging times. From arranging parents meetings online, using messages on Class Dojo to communicate, to keeping a safe distance at the end of the day during pick-up. Cooperation between home and school also models to children how much more we can achieve when we work together.

"Alone we are smart together we are brilliant" - Steven Anderson

Lower Key Stage 2

As the holidays fast approach, we can look back on an intense month in Lower Key Stage 2! The children have shown that they can rise to the challenge of a series of high level tests, putting effort into revising the various aspects of English and maths that they have studied. The teachers have also been delighted at the high standard of humanities and science knowledge that has been shown at the end of this first term of our new curriculum. We can expect great things from this Key Stage! After all that hard work, it has been inspiring to see the creativity that has gone into the Christmas Door displays. Every class has played a part in coming up with ideas, making and decorating our festive doors. The term is drawing to a close, and this most unusual of years too. We wish you all happy and peaceful holidays, and look forward to a new year with hope and excitement.

Upper Key Stage 2

Years 5 and 6 have had a fast, fun and fascinating end to a term!

They all did so well with their end of term assessments and they all spent time correcting their mistakes and analysing each test to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This is an important element to be a great learner. We sincerely hope this provides excellent evidence for parents and that the children can see how they could improve their learning.

In the countdown to Christmas, Year 5 have been busy finishing their windmills using all their amazing design technology skills. In these times, it does highlight the importance of renewable energy in our modern world. These children could be the next pioneers on how we should be using sustainable energy.

The Year 6s ended the term experiencing a wonderful day in the Secondary school. They enjoyed the food technology, geography, drama and science in the labs to find the answer to the question of the day: Who Killed the Grinch? All the clues were there delivered through varied and engaging activities led by the Head of Year 7, Mr. Miller, and the super Secondary staff. Year 6 had a lot of fun that day! Along with other events planned throughout the year, this should help the transition from Primary as smooth and as easy as possible for all the children.

On behalf of all the amazing teachers in Upper Key Stage 2, we wish you all a very safe and merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Message from the Head of Secondary & Sixth Form

Dear Families,

Welcome to the final newsletter of 2020. As we reflect on the Autumn Term I would like to thank you all for your continued support as we work towards getting back to normality, both in school and within our own families.

Although we were unable to celebrate the end of the year with our traditional Christmas activities, we have nonetheless ensured we have marked the occasion with COVID safe alternatives and used some of the sapre time to provide more time for students to review key topic areas in all subjects in preparation for the assessments and examinations next year.

As a school, we have been proud of the way both the students and academic team have ensured that not only a full time curriculum has taken place but the quality of that learning has remained as high as ever.

I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy festive season, with the hope of a return to normality for society in 2021.

Catherine Davies - Head of Secondary & Sixth Form

Year 13 - Alcoholics Anonymous

On 1st December, a member from Alcoholics Anonymous came to talk to our students in Year 13 about substance abuse.

He shared his personal experience with our students and helped to raise awareness about this very serious yet mostly hidden problem.

Our students had the chance to ask the volunteer questions and they all learnt about the work the AA does since 1938 to support people who have been affected by their addiction to alcohol.

Speed dating Soviet style

Our year 12 history students are currently covering the history of Russia and the rise of Stalin as the new leader of the country in 1924. Stalin had to compete against other prominent Bolsheviks for the post of the supreme leader of the USSR after the death of Lenin.

Our students were first asked to choose 6 qualities which Lenin’s successor should have. They were then told that the Communist Party was looking for a new leader and had decided to hold a ‘speed dating’ event to choose a successor to Lenin. They worked in groups of 6 and had to adopt one of the roles below:






The interviewer had to come up with at least 3 questions for each candidate. Each candidate was interviewed for 2 minutes before moving on. A bell signaled when the time was up. At the end, after all candidates were interviewed they had one last opportunity to criticise their rivals. The interviewer (Georgia Olsson) decided that comrade Trotsky (Maria Yanigina) was the winner. Congratulations for your quick wit and passionate speech comrade Trotsky!

However, history is never fair. Trotsky never became the leader of the USSR despite his many qualities - Stalin did. A few years later in 1940, Stalin sent a secret agent to Mexico, where Trotsky was hiding, to kill him with an icepick, but that's another story...

Year 8 - English

This first term in English, we have been looking at non fiction texts in all their forms.

Before the half term holiday, we read and watched Greta Thunberg´s powerful and passionate speech to the world leaders in 2019 at the UN Action Climate Summit. Following a discussion about Greta, how she explains her disorder to be her superpower, and how her speech had such a profound impact on the world, we analysed why and looked at rhetoric to motivate and convince an audience, presentational and persuasive devices.

As all the group found Greta's speech so inspiring, they asked if they could write their own. They wanted to become their own Climate Youth Activist. Their passion and dedication to write an impactful speech has created amazing results which we have videoed for everyone to watch. They really are excellent and they have all been truly inspiring too. Here are a couple of examples to watch, enjoy and be inspired to make a change. As you can see from the photo at the top, they also made posters to accompany their speeches.

Amazing Learning

This has been a unique term at Laude San Pedro. With new, strict measures and protocols, our students have shown their resilience and their tenacious attitude to learning in all of their subjects. Every classroom has faced an obstacle this term, and every student has developed new ways of learning showing how we face our challenges and come out stronger.

Tutor groups took on board the 20 hour learning challenge

Our Art students have shown creativity and independence in their fantastic work on their Portfolios:

Students have found interactive ways to search and share information:

Finding news ways to demonstrate information has inspired a creative approach:

In the 20 hour learning challenge, students found ways to help each other following safety procedures:

Debate is still at the heart of the classroom:

We have found new creative works to problem solve in teams:

This term has been a real indication of how we strive to be Amazing, even through adversity.

Mensaje de la Directora de ESO y Bachillerato

Este tan temido primer trimestre llega a su fin y podemos decir orgullosos que el balance ha sido positivo. Estamos muy contentos de la trayectoria que han seguido nuestros alumnos y la responsabilidad que han demostrado aún en difíciles condiciones.

Aunque al principio la tarea se presentaba ardua, tal y como iba avanzando el trimestre, hemos visto cómo se iban adaptando a la nueva rutina de clase, después de tanto tiempo en casa. Es palpable el buen ambiente que se ha creado entre ellos, ya que se han echado de menos.

Académicamente hablando, los alumnos han tenido la oportunidad de seguir avanzando y cubrir todas las áreas del currículum, junto con el repaso de conceptos vistos durante el confinamiento. Igualmente han tenido la oportunidad de relacionarse con sus compañeros, lo que permite seguir creciendo y madurando.

Aunque este año no tendremos la oportunidad de despedir el año con el típico show navideño, lo haremos de forma virtual, para agradecerles todo el apoyo que nos han mostrado.

Aprovecho esta ocasión para desearles unas felices fiestas y una navidad llena de felicidad en compañía de los suyos. Este año las uvas cobran un significado más especial y profundo de un deseo compartido por todos. Feliz Año Nuevo.

Carmen Beato - Directora de ESO y Bachillerato

1º ESO

A principio de curso, los alumnos de 1º ESO decoraron los tablones de su aula escribiendo el nombre de su curso y el del colegio en folios de colores. Esto es muy especial, ya que cada uno de ellos está representado en la letra que dibujó, sintiéndose identificados y parte del grupo con ella. A modo de regalo de Navidad, cada uno de los miembros de 1ª ESO De Castro tendrá un marca páginas con el nombre de todos los compañeros y compañera. Así, todos tendrán un recuerdo fantástico de este trimestre y de su clase.

4º ESO - Economía

El fraude fiscal

A menudo vemos en las noticias casos de grandes empresas o de personajes famosos (actores, futbolistas, cantantes, políticos,....) que están metidos en líos con Hacienda por no cumplir con su obligación fiscal, es decir, por no estar realizando el pago de los impuestos que les corresponden. Nuestros alumnos de Economía de 4º de la ESO han estado debatiendo sobre este asunto tan actual con mucho interés en clase, como actividad de consolidación en el tema de las obligaciones fiscales de la empresa.

Después de un apasionado intercambio de opiniones, algunas totalmente encontradas, han llegado a la conclusión de la desconsideración que supone el fraude fiscal hacia el bien común de la sociedad en la que vivimos porque, en definitiva, se trata de ”hacer trampas”. Ha sido realmente enriquecedor observar su capacidad de analizar y valorar distintos ejemplos y cómo han ido relacionando ese “hacer trampas” con otras situaciones desafortunadamente más normalizadas de lo que a todos nos gustaría como: pagar sin factura, aparcar en doble fila, copiar en los exámenes o doparse.

Han trabajado realmente bien, con mucha madurez y demostrando que cuentan con grandes ideas y unos valores que merece la pena seguir consolidando.

¡Excelente trabajo, chicos!

1º ESO - Educación física

En 1º de E.S.O los/las alumnos/as están trabajando sobre el Bloque de Contenidos 'Condición física y motriz'. Hemos introducido, para el trabajo de las capacidades físicas, una forma de juego llamada 'Among EF'. El alumnado ha practicado diferentes ejercicios de entrenamiento a la vez que llevan a cabo labores de cooperación y trabajo en grupo. El factor motivacional ha sido determinante, ya que han trabajado con mucho mas entusiasmo, y han conseguido los objetivos de las sesión mediante un juego cooperativo. El grupo en su totalidad me ha pedido repetir estas sesiones y esto se traduce en un aprendizaje con un gran componente de motivación intrínseca.

Aprendizaje colaborativo - Bachillerato

Aprendizaje Cooperativo-Bachillerato

Según el departamento de Pedagogía Aplicada de la Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona, “el aprendizaje cooperativo es un término genérico usado para referirse a un grupo de procedimientos de enseñanza que parten de la organización de la clase en pequeños grupos mixtos y heterogéneos donde los alumnos trabajan conjuntamente de forma coordinada entre sí para resolver tareas académicas y profundizar en su propio aprendizaje.”

Los alumnos de Bachillerato, siguiendo las medidas de seguridad, han hecho uso de esta práctica en preparación a sus exámenes y han trabajado apoyándose los unos a los otros, dando ejemplo de trabajo en equipo.

De esta forma, se valora el potencial educativo de las relaciones interpersonales y se aprovecha el conocimiento adquirido. Igualmente, se fomenta la implicación del alumnado y la empatía.

El trabajo duro tiene sus frutos, ¡enhorabuena chicos!